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Private school vs public

For those with experience with their kids in both public and private schools, what are the major differences apart from cost and presence of religion? Did you take your kids out of one to go to the other?
As a child myself I only went to a private school, and public schools had bad relations so I'm probably biased and leaning towards sending my children to private schools, but open to opinions. Have things changed? Are public schools still worse than private?
Can anyone share their experiences?


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I think you can't really generalise that much about ALL private schools vs ALL public schools cos there are always so many other factors, the teachers, the other kids, the area etc, that make a difference to a school's culture. I think there are great schools and there are terrible schools in both public and private. I think you just have to do your research about the school, meet the teachers, look at their grades/ranking, ask people who go there, before you try it. Even then you might find it doesn't work for you, in which case find somewhere else!

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an ex went from private from years 1-9 to public 10-12 (he demanded to change to public) he said the teachers cared more at the public school, answered questions about homework/assignments without making him feel like he was wasting their time and the assignments were better written in public school (he said half the time the assignments at his private school were so vague that you weren't quite sure what was to be expected as it could be interpreted multiple ways).

He also said bullying was crazy at the private school he went to, and that if you didn't have the latest phone/iPad/laptop and your parents didn't drive the latest model car you were teased for not being of the same class as the rest of them.

He much preferred the public school so I have taken that into consideration with my own kids.

Really really depends what school for either public or private. I know of a catholic school in a rough area that's just like the public school in the same area, with a uniform and a bit more money. I would send my child to a good public school with a good reputation over private.

My children go to private school and I wouldn't have it any other way. The families who send their children there have similar values and morals to those in my home so it's an extension of my home environment.
The public schools in my area are pretty rough with children exposed to a lot of things that they shouldn't see at their ages. I don't want my kids growing up knowing things they shouldn't. Plus I work in the child protection field and have lost count of the schools I have been to where kids are faced with adult issues in primary school.
For me it's about rules and respect and values and I think that the private school my daughters attend is a perfect fit.
Good luck 😃

My cousins went to private school they were told how wonderful they were and grew up with an elitist attitude.

 I'd say their parents had a bit to do with their attitude too.
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I've only been to public but I think I wouldn't have enjoyed a Private school as from what I hear it's not very relaxed (rules etc). Also I think Private schools teach children to feel 'entitled' and I would prefer my kids to be a bit tougher as the world is a harsh place at times. However, the extra-curricular activities are superior at a Private school and I believe class sizes are smaller. Overall, I would go with what produces the academic results. Ideally, a good public school over private any day (for me).

 Some of the kids I went to uni with from the expensive private schools were indeed very stuck up. But not all, some were really nice. I would personally watch for the attitude they are picking up though. But same as public really.
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My primary school aged kids are in public and it is a fabulous school...only 70 kids and very community oriented and they just love it, My high schoolers go to a private catholic college because we live in a country town we I only had one public high school and its just awful, I even know teachers that work there and send their kids to the Catholic school because its so bad ! They are very happy there and we can't ask for anymore...just love the way they take care off the kids and instill a sense of pride in the students and give them a sense of belonging 😊

 I wonder if we are in the same town... This is identical to me!
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My kids go to private and frankly I am appalled at the behaviour and example a lot of parents set. It's a vicious catty circle. Something I never experienced in my school days yet enduring this now, unbelievable.

I went to both private and public schools for my education and quite frankly preferred the public school both academically and socially. I found the private school tended to seperate into groups based purely on wealth (I was a scholarship kid so I might as well as had leprosy) and the teachers didn't engage me at all. After I changed to public, I excelled because the teachers took more of an interest and realised that the set work was too easy for me and I was bored.

Our kids went to a private religion based school it wasn't very good. When we moved interstate for work I had to repeat my eldest because they had not taught her to read and she was in grade 2. It was a waste of money. You pay for their school grounds and nice uniforms but they expect you to teach your child. At public school you are expected to support your child's learning and are shown how, at private they require you teach your child from scratch. I just found two people working it just didn't work but if you are a SAHM then they will love you because you could volunteer all of your free time to them for nothing and teach your own child and pay their salaries. They take advantage of gullible people.

Depends how much a term it is ? I pay $100 a week for 2 kids in high school

I moved from an area where my children went to the best private school, to an area with only a public school. The big difference is the facilities of the schools. There are great teachers in both schools. However, at the public school parents, teachers and senior students cannot buy a barista-made coffee from the canteen. So far, my children in public school have had more learning experiences such as travelling performances, excursions, camps etc than they had at the private school. There is a lower level of academic achievement at the public school, and this reflects the much lower socio-economic community of the school. Children who have parents who make them do their homework, and have an active input into their schooling do just fine though.

There is a higher chance your kids will get bullied by students in higher grades in private school than in public. The whole class system, we are better than them attitude is rife in private schools. My kids went to both. The stayed in private for a term. We cheered on the last day. Never again.

 Hate to burst your bubble but bullying is rife in EVERY school !!!
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