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Narcissist sister help!

Answered 2 years ago

My sister does not like the attention to not be on her. She also plays dumb when you call her out on her behavior.
She will do anything for attention.
Fakes illnesses, fakes pregnancies, outright lies for attention. She joins groups looking for attention. When confronted or asked if you can come along to her appointments she will have an excuse. She is currently telling everyone that she has cancer in her ovaries. Before this she said she was a TBI survivor despite nothing happening. She mirrors my own childs illness who actually is recovering from a TBI. Just the other day we went for a checkup to see my daughters surgeon and show how great shes going and an hour later shes posting cancer.
How would you approach this?
My parents pander to her lies because they say she needs the attention because she was innapropriately touched by a school teacher and that we should all pretend her sicknesses are true. This is awful but she reported it but will not be pressing charges.

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2 years ago
I'd distance yourself from her, and tell your parents you don't want to hear about her. Expect to not see them as much too.

2 years ago
I can't pander to her. I really need to look after my own little one. I need to be able to announce to the family I'm pregnant without her saying a minute later "that's funny because I miscarried this morning".
I'm having my csection soon and she has decided to have her engagement party on my cesarean day. I also live interstate and my mum says she will fly to my sisters and I'll have to find someone else to look after my children while I recover. She could literally pick any date. Arrrgh


2 years ago
Just distance yourself. You have shit going on and don't need more drama.

2 years ago
Tell her to grow the hell up. Your parents are enabling this shit. It'll hurt her more in the long run.