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The block

Is anyone else finding that this season keith and scotty seem to be getting off on being complete arses? Im really not enjoying seeing how mean they are being and the fact they seem to get genuine pleasure in upsetting the contestants and delivering bad news and speak to them like they are so much more superior? I dont remember previous seasons being so bad. Keith and scotty are SO arrogant. It's like they just make life difficult for the sake of it and i hate how they pull the piss out of the contestants. I know its all about getting drama and ratings etc


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The block is SOOOOO boring and repetitive now. I mean, is there really that great a difference in design from 2017 to 2018. I find it all so boring!

YES! The way they spoke to the new gardener was appalling. SO rude and uncalled for

I think this season is one of the worst in terms of contestants. They're all so... dramatic. And yes I understand that it's a lot to do with editing but nah. All this "omg I'm leaving!" "We're getting a divorce" "waah waah waah this is so hard" is very grating. What did they think would happen on the block? What were they expecting "okay so for every other season it's been a race against time, but for this one we're going to slow it down and give them unlimited time and money to get it done"? Waah waah waah.

I think, after putting up with so much crap from these arseholes, and from every arsehole in past seasons, I wouldn't blame Scott or Keith for being pissy.

 I don't get it... everyone knows that most people don't like the drama and just want to see the renos, everyone knows a large number of people just watch the reveals and not the challenges. Why do they insist on showing the bits people don't want to watch?
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Trashy shows for Trashy people

 Spoken from a true bogan
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