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Would you prefer

A life that was planned, predictable, no surprises, financially comfortable in the suburbs or unpredictable, passionate, love, regular adventures but less financially comfortable?


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The stable and predictable life.
I grew up in an unstable and chaotic home and never want that for my children.
There are adventures to be had in suburbia. They might not be big grand adventures like others. But I quite enjoy the little ones. A new park opening. Shopping at a different mall. New neighbours moving in. That type of stuff.
You're welcome to enjoy those big amazing highs, and the accompanying lows, I'd like to watch from the sidelines.

A mix. You can be fun and responsible at the same time. I think we got it nailed in my little family 😎

 That is not an option. Choose!
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 hahaha. Funny fucker
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Unpredictable. The planned predicable but stable life sounds a little boring.

Planned and predictable. Right now I’m going through a tough patch dealing with illness, family member problems, unemployment, toxic people in my life. I just want the simple easy predictable life.

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