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Did you suddenly had this urge to hook up with someone when you and your SO decided to get married?

Answered 1 hour ago

My fiance and I have been together for quite long, and I'm sure we're pretty solid. We recently decided to get married next year. Tho I didnt intend for it to happen, men have are now trying to throw themselves at me and this has not happened before. Only our families know of our plans... Now I feel this strong urge to try something crazy before getting married. I have never felt this way when committed to someone before. Always been a loyal person. I feel confused.

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1 hour ago
Nah it’s probably all in your head that they are throwing themselves at you, you’re most likely noticing other blokes more cause you are unconsciously thinking you’ll be with the same bloke forever now

2 days ago
You’re just freaking out even though you don’t realise it. It’ll pass just don’t do anything dumb.


2 days ago
thank youuuu