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Dream Christmas?

After yesterday I felt a bit meh. I felt like yesterday was just about what everyone else wanted & keeping everyone else happy. Got me thinking what would be MY perfect Christmas if i didn't have to worry about anybody else - which is a total fantasy of course but i can dream...
I think mine would be a Christmas morning with just my immediate family. Simple (no stress), not overly traditional food for lunch & an afternoon on the day dream Christmas one day. What's everyone elses?


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Next year we are doing our dream holiday. A place where none of our family is lol

 I like this
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Going against the grain here ...I wouldn't want it to be just my immediate family. I don't see my siblings very often and my Dad likes cooking so my dream Christmas would be if we rented a massive mansion on air BnB. Put on all the food. And a swim in the pool. Everyone stays over so no worries about who is driving. And a whole day with my family not half with his

 That would be great, as long all the work is equally shared. Christmas does tend to end up being left to the mums.
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 Christmas is a bit like Mother's Day in our house Dad organises all the boys to cook and ladies are in charge of deserts
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 My husband cooks all the roasts and glazed ham on chrissy. I do sweets only
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No stress minimal presents and my husband and kids only. No extended family obligations. Maybe a nice trip away camping or something. Platters fruit chocolate and ice cream to eat only and some nice wine and beer. Somewhere cool to nap in the afternoon and peace and quiet for the evening affer the kids are asleep.

A holiday, with just my immediate family. Not my in laws. Spending the day by the pool, mucking around with the kids, having a few cocktails and eating way too much food.

I just really want to do what I want to do. I don’t want to go and sit at my in laws for 4 hours in the morning being criticised about everything, not getting offfered any food or even a drink, sweating my arse off because they always want Christmas to be outside where it’s like 35C.

My favourite part the day is when we go to my parents. It actually feels like Christmas then, not just another day.

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I completely get where you are coming from.
Mine yesterday was actually quite good under the circumstances.
At home with husband and youngest daughter (other daughter away at her Dads)
Woke up at 8:30 when my youngest woke up, opened presents on the loungeroom floor. Quick video chat to eldest. Made coffee for 4 paramedic friends who were on duty and stopped by our place, made lunch while little one built Lego, ate said lunch outside in the sunshine, we all retreated into the air conditioned loungeroom to watch Home Alone while I rested, had dessert and then went to work for the night.
Low stress, yummy food, family, friends and colleagues that I enjoy the company of... Much better than the stress of dealing with extended family that drive me nuts.

Dream for me is a white Christmas, when the kids are older we will do one in Europe.
This year was amazing! Just us breakfast, hike, beach, lunch, cake, relax, bbq dinner.

A big white Christmas. Hubbys family over for brekky (that I've made and everyone thinks is delicious), then they leave at about 10. Then everyone has a play outside in the snow and a big nap, before my family comes over for a traditional dinner (that somehow magically cooks itself).
I want a cold, snowy Christmas. Maybe one day I'll win the lotto and be able to afford to move us all overseas. Hahaha if only.

Presents then beach then come home to cold meat and salad platter prepared the day before. Nap then watch a Xmas movie eat leftovers and chocolate then look at Xmas lights get kids to bed and watch another show on my own while eating more chocolate!

Last year we went on a cruise just our family over Christmas and New Year, loved it.

I don't understand why people insist on the traditional Christmas lunch, (unless you enjoy doing it). When I hosted last year I did platters of cold meat and salads, mostly prepared the day before. We are planning to start going away and have Christmas by the beach.

Camping at the beach, cook some snags on the barby.

 Yes - there's similar themes running through these answers lol
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 I imagine your families would love this too.
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Just my immediate family at the beach. In our caravan, at the caravan Park. Cold meat and salad for lunch. No one slaving over a hot oven all day. Not having to drive and be somewhere on time. I would be able to have a drink and not worry about driving.
We actually plan to do this from now on!

 Yes to all these things
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I had my dream Christmas afternoon. My partner's daughter arrived and we had to listen to her usual crap. After a particularly bad comment, my son asked if we could leave early to go and see his grandparents, I thought why not? So we left my partner and his daughter to have Christmas day on their own, taking most of the food I had bought, and treats I had made with us.