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Whose fault is it ?

The parents of the toddler that fell through open window when grandpa was holding toddler are suing the cruise ship


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The latest story said she climbed out of the open window which was in a play area. But you know what, we weren’t there so we don’t know. But if my kid died due to negligence then I’d sue too.

 Supervise your kids
Grandpa was there

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You are a cold, cruel, and nasty person.

You have no heart or soul.

Stop tarnishing this webspace.

Shrivel away and stop being such a black intergalactic hole.

A baby died in a cruel way. Her parents are broken, her brother crushed and her grandparents destroyed.

Do you really think there is a place in this world for your dirty shadow over their tragedy?

I read she was in a kids club area. If so, then staff are responsible. If not, then yes the parents should’ve been watching.

It’s another story of hurt people,hurting people.
Projecting their hurt to where ever will stick.
Parents were at fault at the end of the day

 Those supposedly supervising I should say
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The story has changed a lot since first reports. Who knows what is the truth. The only good thing about a law suit is that it will all come out. There has to be some sort of responsibility to caregivers and parents regarding supervision though.