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Sorry hun it’s your fault

Are you you watching Sunday night ?


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This story didn't have the impact it should have. There has always been a certain stigma around footy players. Even as I was growing up in the 2000s there was this "player" stigma. It was expected that they were horny grubs and if you wanted sex it would be easy to have with them. The men act like grubs when they get some drink and drugs into them but like the women were saying they actually seek them out for that purpose. The women seek them out because they want the "glory" of having sex with a footy player and maybe getting to hang off their arm in public. The women interviewed made their bed and now they need to lay in it. I do condone the videoing without consent but to me that is a police matter and they should have spoken up as soon as they found out. They seemed to just want their 15minutes of fame. I think this report really takes away from the actual victims of abuse, violence and harassment. The clubs all seem to be trying to crack down on those doing the wrong thing now, which I think is a step in the right direction.

Don't get me wrong I have no issues with women sleeping around or men. It's their personal sexual choices. But I also think in this particular situation if you have no respect for yourself - you will get none in return.

Since when has it become acceptable in New age Australia to call women sl**s???
I am disgusted. Women can bed whomever, whenever they pleaser, without judgement. Exactly the same way as that of the male gender.

 Yes, it's funny that these men can behave how they want, hey. While I believe women (and men, too) are responsible for themselves and the situation they get themselves into, there is a complete double standard here.
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 But they also shouldn't go on national TV claiming to be victims of footy players when they actively look for it and consent to acts by text message over and over again then decide 3 years later that she was treated like an object. I have no idea why the story even aired it was just women talking about how they look for sex with footy players and its completely consensual. It was meant to be an insight into toxic masculinity in football but they obviously just take what is offered to them.
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I'd have to question anyone's morals for hanging out with these critons.

What a bunch of sl**s. Were they seriously looking for sympathy?

What happened?

 Sl**s blaming the NRL players for treating them like trash and went back for more
Now selling story

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 I hope they got paid well for the interview.
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 Yawn. Calling women sl**s is so edgy and modern🙄
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I feel for the child etc but what about the single one chasing them. She deserves all the backlash she gets

Hmm, I thought we were past all this in this day and age.