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Do your kids do homework on weekends?


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F**k that. Homework is proof that the beaurecrats are out of control. They need to step off our children's lives!!!!

 I'm a teacher. In my experience lots of parents WANT their kids to have homework. Many complain when we don't set any or don't set enough. You can't please everyone.
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 Not us. They learn more exploring their world than writing times tables.
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My eldest does. She does bits and pieces every night. My younger two hand their homework in on a Friday and don’t get it back until Monday as their teachers want to purposely create free weekends, which I love.

Generally no. My youngest is in year 5, his homework is given out on a Friday and he has two weeks to finish it. His teacher builds the weekends in in case they are needed due to busy schedules but stated that she does not want them to give too much of their weekend up to homework. He usually gets it all done during the week. My oldest is in high school. He tries to get his done during the week as well but if he has a big project to work on he will use the weekend to get some of it done.

Only one day on the weekend when they have assignments. We don’t have enough time Monday to Friday.

Maybe a little here and there but nothing too time consuming