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What’s your most hated name

I hate the name Barry


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Chanel/ Shanel

 Chanel is my daughters name
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 Cat's name!
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Really American names like Chuck, Trip, Chet... wtf seriously

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anything that is a day of the week or the months or a season

Kobi. Yuck. It's such a brat boy name - think of this name one day on a man, a husband 'Kobi'. Weird. Bogan.


 Tristan? Or Tristram?
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 Ugh. I know a Tristram too. Awful name. Awful person.
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I heard someone at my kid’s soccer game calling out to their son ‘Timotay’. Awful awful awful.

Jackson, jaxon, jaxson, any variation of that really

 Jaxsen! Couldn't believe someone would name their kid that. A life time of embarrassment and ridicule.
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I can't stand names that are difficult to say. Like too many consonants and not enough vowels. Buy a vowel ffs 😂

Tynan, Brenton, Abby, Xavier, Knox, Zeke, Zander, Zayden, Amanda

 Bahahaha Amanda !?
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 haha I agreet and can't stand 'Mandy, Mandi' LOL
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