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Please , help me... Child support ..

Firt time seperated mum of 9 years old.
I moved out from husband last november as it was a dv case. We currently share our 9 year old son as I have 70% care and he got 30%.
Within weeks after moved out I lost my job and ththerefore , I rereceive $ 750 from centalink for job seeker payment and another $170 for family assistance . I use that money to pay $700 for my fortnightly rental payment . Left over $220 for bills and foods.

Now husband wants to know how much I recieve from centalink . He wants to put it as my sole income when calculating child support .
Is it correct . ?
Is centalink support consider as my income when calculating how much he has to pay for child support ...?
Please, mums help me with this..
It would be great if you can post me where did you get info...

Thanks all , Stay safe ..🙏


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You do not need to tell him anything. Child support services will do that for you (all the working out on how much he has to give you). And it goes on how. much he earns. I would not be giving him any information at all about what you get. Hope it helps.

Go through CSA and it’ll be done correctly. They have access to all this information

 This is true. You dont have to sign up to anything or start anything, but they will give you lots of support and tell you how it is done, they are really great for talking you through as it’s their job to support you and they get a lot of calls from people in situations like yours that they know how to be considerate. Please just call them
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First of all, how crazy that you have to engage with him after suffering abuse from him - it’s ridiculous!!

It is just your taxable income the CSA needs to determine your level of child support - so no need to include rent assistance and FTB just the jobseeker payment is taxed. So, try to estimate what your overall taxable income will be for 19/20 - including the income from your last job.

Also, the more child support paid the less FTB you receive.

Good on you for creating a new and safe life!

Hi,, the first $17,000 or so that you earn is considered for supporting yourself. So just tell him what you get - or given that Centrelink and Childsupport are linked, those agencies should be able to get that information. Or tell him to look it up online, that you are just getting basic jobseeker payment. I'm not sure how it all works now that the jobseeker payment has doubled. I hope that you are also getting rent assistance mate. Please just be honest with him, tell him what he asks regarding your income, and then put him out of your mind. I congratulate you one your decision to keep yourself and your son safe by leaving him. Good luck xx

ps. just look on the centrelink website for calculator and you can put in info for how much you get, how much he earns, the care etc.

Answered by OP

Thank you so much for replying me.. It was an emotional abuse, financial abuse, physical, technological abuse, spiritual abuse. etc.
He just messaged me minutes ago. We agreed previously, for sharing the child me being main carer as I got 70%.
I was a uni student that time , working part time. My earning was less than 15000. He earns 105,000. Within weeks after move out, I lost my job, which put me centalink job seeker income. No, I don't get any payments other than those two. Only , I received my first support payment of $750 for corona virus situation .

He hasn't paid any seperation payment or any child support except $750 which he paid 3 weeks ago . That was when he wanted me to care the son continuesly due to corona virus situation . I agreed for that as thinking I can keep my son in home safely as dad has to go to work in cbd and I don't have to go out.
Then he just messaged me now, saying as I kept my son for 3 weeks continuesly , he is gonna leave him 100% for me..
I feel lost, crying and shivering while typing this right now as I want my son to have both parents ..
I don't know what to do..
He is using current situation against to me....

 Keep your baby 100% and let child support work out income. Don’t tell him anything, he is probably trying to work out how to pay you less! Keep every single text message. Have you considered a dvo application or atleast reporting this to the police?
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 Oh and sending you loads of hugs 😍🥰😘
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 Today take time to cry, scream into a pillow, punch your mattress, or whatever it is that you feel like doing because of the shitty situation your ex has put you in. Give it time for now, he might change his mind once all of this is over but don’t get your expectations up. One day your son will realise how lucky he is to have a parent who wants to be there, who wants to raise him, who loves him so much that you feel his pain. I have been raising my 3 children 100% by myself for the last 5 years, the other night at dinner my 9 year old son said to me “mum, our dad doesn’t want to be around but you do. We are so lucky to have a mum like you who loves us and looks after us all the time. Thank you.” It just came out of nowhere but it made me smile knowing that even though it hurts them sometimes, they are accepting of their lives and I’m raising some fine young men and a strong young woman. Your son will see that too one day, his strong mum who wants the best for him.
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Answered by OP

He is a great dad to my son . My son will be lost if he hear his dad doesn't want him. We don't have anyone in Australia. My parents, all siblings are in another country , and I can not even go there now..

 If he can write your son off just like that he is not a great dad.
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