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What is the earliest you can have the 4 year old immunisation/school health check done?

My child's birthday virtually falls right on the end of the financial year next year, and will be due for the 4 year old health check ready for school etc. Can it be done a month? Or a couple of weeks before? his actual birthday?


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My doctor allowed me to have my sons done when her was 3amd a half because he had no underlying health probs or anything so it would pay to ask

 Sorry it's meant to say 3 and a half stupid fat thumbs
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Any time between 3.5 and 4 for vaccinations. Must be 4 for the health check though

I had the receptionists at my clinic get all huffy when I booked my daughter in a week early for her 6 month needles, but it didn't worry the doctors or nurses any. I think it depends on your clinic. But I take her to my home town to get all her checks and needles done because I absolutely can not stand the doctors, nurses and child health nurse where I live. So I have to try and organise our visits accordingly and sometimes they don't fall right on time.

I got my sons done recently and the dr said he couldve had them from 3.5 yrs old

My doctor doesn't allow my kids to get their shots until they are the exact age or later. He refuses to do them earlier. But i think it depends on the Dr

Yes, it doesn't have to be the moment he turns 4. When my daughter was getting her 18 month vax, they said my son who was 3 months shy of his 4th birthday could get his 4 year shots then, so he got them then no probs.

I just had my sons 6month ones done and on the immunizations booklet it said 3.5 year -4 years I asked the nurse she said they are encouraging people to have them done at 3.5 now, so he could probably have them now. Every other time though 2,4,6,12,18 month cantrbe done much earlier

My twins are born christmas eve. I have been told i can not book them in early