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Present ideas for 13 year old boy?

This is my son and really struggling for ideas. Hes not into sport, has a bike and scooter. Loves camping, fishing and 4x4 driving etc but has fishing rod, fishing shirt etc. He also has a motorbike. Hes into playstation and xbox too. The problem is, most of the stuff he wants is $100 plus each. I need some ideas of cheaper stuff to give to friends, family and for me to add to his santa sack. What sort of things is everyone else getting their young teen boys?


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Maybe forgo the cheap stuff for his santa sack and just get him one of the expensive things he wants? I know it doesn't fill the stocking, but I'd say it's better to get him something he wants.

Skateboard, a nice soccer/ football, telescope, comfy fishing chair, series of books / dvds

I have "teenaged" nephews ages 12-22. I got them all pocket nerf guns last year and gave the younger kids some big guns. OMG! They had the most awesome time getting attacked by the kids and trying to scoop up ammo between volleys. It was just a joke gift attached to a card woth itunes or Xbox live vouchers. My point is, don't be afraid to choose a toy that seems a little juvenile; Christmas brings out the kid in all of us. The adult boys (FIL, hubby, uncles, etc...) were disappointed they didn't get Nerf instead of booze and money!

Xbox live points are not expensive but can add up to some cool in game purchases. What about a kit to learn to tie his own lures for fishing? Geocaching kit woth some cool leave behinds and a journal? Fold up backpack chair for fishing? Don't underestimate the value of used games! You can 3-10 depending on the games, for the price of 1 new. Also, my 12 year old is super into vintage video games. He wants an old NES or Sega. They are cheap and I love that it's something more familiar to me so we can play together without him destroying me or getting mad that im blowing it for our team. Young teens can always use personal hygiene stuff like body wash, spray, etc... Oh how they stink!

If he wants something really expensive, give him cash, and talk to other relatives to do the same, so collectively they contribute to something really worthwhile that he will get significant pleasure from. From 10 years onwards kids of both genders are often very hard to buy for. And they have outgrown Christmas stockings.

OP Who outgrows a sack full of presents? Im nearly 40 and would love it! I tjink money is pretty unimaginative and impersonal. I love shopping for things my kids would love. Took him to rhe shops yesterday while killing time and ive got heaps of ideas now!
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Movie tickets and socks! Socks sound lame but my boy runs and his favorite socks are $20 each, they also love the brand globe and santa cruz socks.. Good stocking fillers 👌

Cash, concert tickets, Xbox or PlayStation games, aftershave, books, dvd’s, chocolate/snacks

 All good ideas, would like to add gift cards, maybe to a sports shop
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money, why is he getting a santa sack at 13.......

 Haha, my siblings and I received a Santa sack until we left home. God I love my Mum☺
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OP Yep so did we! Plus i love doing it and his younger sister will still get a sack full of pressies. Its the precident we have set and will continue to do unless he wants something really expensive one day, even then id probably still get him a few cheap things to unwrap. Once he is an adult/left home i wont do it
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 OMG, how sad not to. I'm nearly 40 and still wouldn't want money for a present - love a surprise!!!
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vouchers for go-karting, horse riding, indoor sky diving. iTunes vouchers.

Cap, skater shoes, thongs, socks, beach towel, camping chair, fishing tackle, magazine subscription, food hamper, backpack, water bombs, handball, books!