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Are most Australians living “week by week”?

So... massive line-ups at Centrelink. Makes me wonder - are most Australians living “week by week”? Is that because they don’t earn much or just do not save up?
I’ve got friends setting up a go fund me as they both lost jobS. Very sad situation, and I do feel for them. The thing is though, while employed, these people were going on overseas holidays 3 times/year (not exaggerating), latest iPhones, expensive houses/cars/clothing. So after one week of unemployment, they need a go fund me? I don’t get it. It makes me feel like a fool for always saving up whatever we can for a rainy day.


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People have different money personalities. Some are 'something will show up' and don't think past the week because money is for living. Others of us need money security. I'm one if those & there is a steep price to pay for it.

DH & I have had people laugh in our faces, been excluded, called boring, the lot, because we decided to live frugally & not get on the instant gratification train.

We don't feel like mugs. We've travelled the world (frugally!), while others still say 'one day' and have ensured we can always look after ourselves. We have a plan in the extremely unlikely event DH's job is lost - which doesn't include begging friends/family for money.

Understand this, though. If you're a spendthrift, don't ask me for help. I know you have different priorities but I'll not give you my money, that I sacrificed for while you shopped.

 Yeah we feel that way too
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 Credit cards and the option to delay payment like ‘buying a phone over two years’ are big contributors to people buying more than they can afford, but think they can because they fall for the lie hook line and sinker. I dont know if it is a personality or a created thing to be honest.
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Working poor. Keeping up with the Joneses and now want the government and friends to bail them out.

Makes me angry that some people can't for the life of them take responsibility for their own dumb financial choices.

We have always saved and had an emergency fund for this type of situation. It's wasn't easy but we don't have to panic like others.

Hopefully this is a wake up call for people to be better with their money moving forward. Sadly it won't be because the gov will bail them out.

It's sad but somewhat self inflicted

You people are assholes. How are trying to support your fellow Aussies instead of kicking them while they're down

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 No no no, not trying to kick them when they are down. Just trying to reflect on what is happening.
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 Some of the comments on here say otherwise. Very sad
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I don't think this is the time to remind people of what they have or don't have. I'm pretty sure they know. Instead of passing judgment or whingeing about THEIR life, focus on you and your loved ones. You never know what's around the corner. Stay safe x

Ae live pretty much pay to pay unfortunately. We did have a good chunk of savings, however our house got robbed and car stolen, took a good chunk of that to pay for the excess etc. Had children, pay child care etc etc rent. And it then becomes almost impossible to save anything. It’s not for lack of trying or being stupid, just everything is so damn expensive.

 Sorry babe. I hope things get better for you and the fam ❤
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 Thank you ❤️
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Say you have savings of $30k. Not bad, and as an employed person with those kinds of savings you would be living a good life. Then suddenly, without warning you lose your job and you have your savings which may need to last you a year. How far will $30k stretch over 6 months, or even 12 months? I understand why your friends are seeking benefits. It’s uncertain times for everyone.

 In saying that though, a go fund me is utterly ridiculous and to expect people to fund them when so many are doing it tough right now is total arrogance .
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 most experts suggest 3 to six months of expenses saved as an emergency fund.
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 ^ even those who seemingly live well often don’t have that
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 I wouldn't be adding to a someone else's 'Go Fund Me'. Apply for the dole.
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 Saving should be at least 3 months of living expenses!
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 ^^ yeah read my reply underneath, I said that. But who has 3 months of savings? And is 3 months of savings going to be enough in this strange time ?
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 lots of people have 3 months living expenses in savings. It's prudent to do so. Part of a good financial plan. I'm not rubbing it in but we can survive a year without any income.

It took time and sacrifice but it means I now have one less thing to worry about

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 Umm a report the other day did a survey and 40% of people have less than $500 savings. Not everyone can save huge amounts
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 It takes time yes. Maybe some of these people are in the process of saving and then this happens. 🤷‍♀️
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 Most people are are thoughtless consumers these days. They get into debt so their instagram pictures look perfect to impress strangers on the internet they've never meet or impress the other soccer mums at school drop off. The world has become shallow & materialistic. I hope when we come out the other side of this alot of people will work out what's important in life, not the silly ways they've been conducting themselves.
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I live pay to pay, no new clothes, no holidays or nights out just rent bills food fuel car loan repayments and kids expenses. If i had spare money i would save it. It depends on the person. But most of us are living below the poverty line.

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I think they may be suspicious that Centrelink won’t happen immediately from when they claim? Like they might have enough for a few weeks but are hoping they will get a payment before then?