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Best way to get rid of mould?


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Scrub it off with vinegar for a natural solution, and if it smells leave little bowls of it around. White vinegar that is.

Mould killer. Just spray the walls, tiles etc, leave for about 15-30 mins then just rinse off. It does smell a bit, so I leave the fan on or have the room well ventilated, but it works amazing. I have even used it in life jackets, in the boat, on pavers, heaps of stuff and it has never stripped any colours.

I use my urine to kill it and clean it. I then wipe it over with glen20 to kill the germs and all clean very easily.

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Bleach does not remove mould spores. It only hides the colour of it!

 I work in the medical field. Bleach kills mold. It will not remove it from your house, but it will not continue to grow. And it will remove the stains left behind, but the mold itself will be there dead and colorless. The best way to remove mold from your home is to have a professional come once you've repaired whatever is causing it.
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Bleach doesn't work and isn't good for you! Vinegar and clove oil.

If it's in your walls or flooring, you need special attention from a service, it's a bitch and dangerous to diy

I'd we are talking killing it bleach bleach and more bleach! If you absolutely can't use bleach on it, then a peroxide solution usually does it. If we are talking stains in clothes or furniture again, if you cant use bleach, oxiclean or a peroxide and dish soap solution usually save them.