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What do you cook kids for tea when your feeling sick?

What do you cook for tea for your kids that's healthy but bloody quick and easy when your feeling sick and just want to go to bed? 😭🤢


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Sandwhiches and fruit is my go to when I’m sick. I had the flu this year and my partner was away for work. The kids lived off sandwhiches, fruit, cereal, toast, nuggets and chips for 3 days until I had enough energy to cook something proper. They loved it.

God if I'm sick healthy goes out the window. Kids can have cereal for one day, it won't hurt them x. Feel better soon mumma x

Hubby does it ♥️

 Unfortunately my husband is out on a header (for city folk, a combine harvester) and he won't get in until long after the kids (and probably myself) are in bed. I love life on a farm but when I'm sick it sucks balls. I wish my mum lived close 😭. She could look after me. Sorry I'm just a bit sick and emotional.
Also he can't cook lol, he burns everything.

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 Oh no that must be hard if you don’t have anyone in close proximity (Mum or family or hubby) to help out when you’re sick. Hope you feel better soon xxx
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 Thanks. Still battling but I'll get through it. Things could always be worse.
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 lol city folk still won’t know what a combine harvester is. Give them some cereal or toast.
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My hubby will make something from the freezer, or I'll just order food to be delivered. Eggs and toast is nice and quick. Your kids might find it a novelty to have breakfast cereal for dinner 🙂
Hope you feel better soon!

 Unfortunately no one delivers food where I live. To far in the bush. It might be or or scrambled eggs for a while. Thanks.
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 ^ cereal
Stupid phone didn't write it

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Anything goes. Frozen meals or nuggets cooked from freezer, order delivery if you can afford it or get hubby to cook (if living with one) or get them cereal / toaSt
Hope you feel better soon!