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Want sex all the time...

I don't know what's happening to me, I can't stop thinking about sex, I have a husband we have great sex but I want more.


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Likely to be hormonal? Are you in your 30s?

 They are called the dirty thirties for a reason
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 They certainly are!
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 Op: yes I am...I thought it was 40 that your sex drive peaked? Either way I feel like I could do with 2 husbands 😂
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 No, your sex drive dies when you hit 40. Well mine did anyway!
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 No, I turned 40 last year and my sex drive has gone into overdrive 😂
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God, I wish I had a tiny bit of libido. Mine is rubbish

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Reading these responses about peaking in your 30s and 40s is scaring me. I have a high sex drive as is, always has. God help the poor man who has to satisfy me when it comes to the “peak”.

Op, can I suggest getting some good porn and a good vibe. Just to give your husband a break and then you only need to have sex 2 times a day.

Same my high sex drive is causing problems. And it seems to be getting worse the older I get

 Mine is causing big problems too. Doesn’t help that my hubby is a porn addict.
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I’m in my mid 40s it has to be peaking. I’m supposed to be menopausal but fertile as hell (just had a scan) Everyone is different I have been with the same man over 20 years married and it’s always been regular but the last couple of years it’s everyday. I feel so sl***y I could have a boyfriend on the side.

OMG I could have written this. 33 and horny as fark and my husband is getting scared. I want it so bad

34 here and I am obsessed with sex! My sex life is amazing. I seriously regret loosing so much sex in my 20's now knowing how much fun I missed out on! And I'm still with the same person from my 20"s!

Hormonal? Maybe biological clock ticking? No idea really, just talk to him about it and get busy lol while you want it I guess