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Do you fart in bed or get out to fart so your mattress and sheets don’t smell?

My best friend farts in her bed and I think it’s disgusting. I get out and go to the bathroom so my room doesn’t smell like farts. She said I’m weird for doing it. Who is the normal one out of us?


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I'll fart in my bed,
I'll fart in my room.
I'll fart 'most anywhere,
Except for a tomb.

I fart in the shower,
And fart inside cars.
I just can't control,
This stinky arse.

I'll fart here,
And I'll fart there.
I will fart 'most anywhere. 💋

Do you realise that you fart in your sleep?

OP No I don’t. I asked my husband and he said I don’t.
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 Cause he's awake the whole night listening?
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It is possible to fart while you sleep because the anal sphincter relaxes slightly when gas builds up. ... Sometimes the sound of a fart can wake you up during a point in sleep when you are slightly conscious, such as while you're falling asleep or in a light sleep.

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 You think you don't fart you sleep? No one said they had to be big ones. You must be super human then.... Deluded.
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😂 I think your friend is the ‘normal’ one - it’s not like she’s dropping her guts left, right and centre......bedrooms are somewhere you should be able to relax and be yourself - having said that, I sleep alone so am not concerned about offending anyone but myself when I fart!

Lady you have some issues. Question do you have ocd at all?

I go outside to fart. There’s nothing worse than stinking out your curtains and carpet.

 Lol are your farts nuclear gas that you are worried about your carpet and curtains!?
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 Wow , your farts sound deadly.
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Why get out of a nice warm bed? As I write this my daughter just farted on my...

The smell stays in your pants so your sheets and mattress are safe.