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How to tell a mother the food she is supplying isnt appropriate.

New baby in care, 5mnths old (just). Mum is supplying stir fry and jats biccies for baby. Strips of steak like my finger. Mum says baby eats it like that- not cut or mashed or blended. Baby cannot eat it! Cant offend mum or i will lose my job. Feel like its common sense though. Fml. I have to say something but how to word it... if i 'attack' her parenting and she complains im fucked.


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It's called 'baby led weaning' educate yourself on the subject

 I would have thought that working with children and babies that the OP would have heard of baby led weaning. It's pretty common practice these days.
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 Really, that kind of food for a 4 month old? They don't even have teeth to chew it, you wouldn't even give that kind of food to your toothless gran.
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 They don’t need teeth because they aren’t chewing it. It’s for taste, texture and play at 5 months of age, not nutrion.
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 Well I just did a bit of "research". I am the mum who has had 3 choking events amongst 4 children over the years, this really does not sit well with me at all. And it is for eating. Apparently. I found this and thought it was interesting.
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 That research was an opinion piece. She mentioned her 24 month old (ffs, just say 2 year old!) almost choked. Yep, so did mine. On a teething rusk. There were not gurgling or gagging sounds either, because choking is silent. Which is why you must ALWAYS supervise your young children when they are eating. And know what to do. Thankfully, I did when my son was choking and I saved his life.

I did a mix of purees and BLW with my babies and had no issues with it. I think each parent needs to do what is best for them and their baby, and use their common sense. In that peice was listed a list of foods that are a high choking risk, like popcorn and cheese cubes. These are things you wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) give a 5 month old baby if you had some common sense!

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 Not for eating, not at that age. All food whether soiled or purée is practice and nothing more.
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 I had one choke on banana at 8 months, one on a chicken bone at 4 and another on biscuit at 4 also. The information I read was that it is for eating and no pureed. I guess feed your kid what you like but if I worked at a daycare or was looking after someones baby there is no way I would be feeding it steak and raw vegies while in my care. I can understand why daycares wouldn't do this.
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 You gotta use your common sense here. You wouldn’t hand a baby a banana, or chicken (especially a piece with bones), or biscuits. I used to give my babies banana in those mesh feeders though. Foods that are easily broken are not suitable for BLW. Surely each day care has a policy and makes parents aware. this also falls under the banner of common sense. Not to mention, good practice.
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Speak to the director and get some advice on how to handle the situation. At least if the mum complains at least the director knows you've asked her first.

Your centre should have standards and guidelines about this. There are charts and posters available about what to feed at what ages. Your manager or director should be all over this. My sister runs a preschool and has often dealt with this sort of thing, yours will have dealt with this sort of thing before. Ask a colleague how to proceed.

At 5 months milk is the source of nutrition, other foods are just to get baby to try out taste and texture. So, offer small bits to the baby and watch it closely. If it doesnt 'eat' the food, no matter. Its not like the mum is missing out on sending other, more appropriate food, because that would be milk.

Well I must be a bad mum. I've never pureed or mashed food for my now 1 year old and I think I did it for like a week with my 3 year old when she was a baby. Screw mashing food lol. I just let them chew on it and get a feel of it. Only had 1 choking incident and that was because she tried to swallow 4 bits of meat at once. It was scary but we laughed at her after we got them out and she started breathing again because she threw herself out of my arms straight back to the plate. Although I'm a nurse and hubby is a rescue officer so neither of us panic when it comes to the kids which helps

Baby won’t be eating it. Baby will be sucking it. I used to give my baby’s strips of meat, raw fruit and vegetables to suck at that age. So Lo g as they weren’t prices that could be easily broken off, there was no risk. And I was always present of course. I would t give a 5 month old Jatz bickies though.

I would be giving my kids mashed mixed vegies until they are 18 if I had my way😂 But my children have caused me to call 000 on 3 occasions due to choking so thats probably why. If I didn't have kids I would have clean undies. Could you send all the food back with a note- "Unfortunately we can't feed young babies these food textures at daycare as they are a choking hazard." And just feed the baby mashed potato or weetbix until she gets her act together.