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What was the first thing you said after giving birth for the first time?


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"He's tiny" - about my 10.6lb baby since my son before was 12.5lb

"Hello baby, oh my god, hello, hiiiiiiii"
Over and over again :)

1st baby- omg he's a freak (he had a small skin tag)
2nd baby- ew she stinks

Both high on gas, and no I didn't think my son was a freak lol

 Lol!! My son had one too!
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1st baby 19 months ago I said I wouldn't be doing that again in a very long time! (Didn't have epidural after being induced, baby was large and had to be vacuumed out). 2nd baby was born on Friday 20th November just gone and from the start I had an epidural as had been unwell with a chesty cold all week. A much easier birth only requiring 10 minutes of pushing vs 40 mins the first time and hardly any pain and when they said baby's head was coming out I said "Are you can't be that easy!!"

 Congratulations 😊
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After waking up from the general anesthetic (after all 3 births): "is the baby okay? Where's xxx (hubbys name)?"

 Curious, why did u have a general?
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 2 emergency caesars (eclampsia and pre eclampsia) and 1 planned caesarian (epidurals never work for me so it had to be general).
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Oh my god she's not making a noise, then I heard the tiniest sound and I cried and said to hubby did you hear her.

I asked can i see her? She was very early i didnt even get a glimpse before they took her away!

 I have premmies too. High 5 premmie mum! 👋
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 Preemie mum of two here. Yep, it's hard when they whisk them away. xx
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 Mine was early also and didn't make a noise after he came out in a 38 minute birth.
Mine was just 'is he ok? Is he ok'

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My first I said "oh my god its a kid"

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I can't remember what I said but I remember thinking 'thank f*** that's over' (horrible birth)

I DON'T EVER wanna go through this again!!! - that was with my first. Then after a year i got pregnant again (in shocked)... 😦😦😦

1st baby "what is it" - it was a boy
2nd baby " no more babies" after seeing how big he was - 12 pounds and. 2 oz then I had three more babies