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Why do some parents have a birthday party for their children that looks like a wedding?

Last weekend I went to my cousins daughters first birthday and the cake cost $300 and the Party cost $2400


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I have noticed the Filipinos in my suburb do this. I assumed it was their culture to have massive celebrations

 I have a Filipino sister in law. It is custom that they have a huge party for a first birthday.
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 There you go! Explains why they throw first birthday parties that put my cheap $1000 budget wedding to shame 😂

I'm not going to lie tho, some of my wedding ideas came from some of their facebook first birthday posts 😂

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Cos they want to? Who cares. You just do you, boo.

People are stupid & just care if it's Instagram worthy.....really it's their insecurities showing they want to impress the world so they feel better about themselves