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I don't but my friend is absolutely shameless about it, not just regifting but took about half the gifts she got (for her baby shower and after it was born) back to the store and exchanged them. She is always telling me excitedly about how she exchanged that 'gross' outfit for all these adorable ones that were on sale etc, or annoyed when a gift that was purchased full price is now on sale and she can't get as much for it! She says they would want her to have something she loves but I think it's pretty rude, if they really wanted that they would've given her a gift voucher.

I hate getting pamper packs but some people love them so I regift those. Never had regifed anything else though

I do! I am a bit of a minimalist, I have sensitive skin and I'm hard to buy for ...I'd hate to waste things other people would like in my cupboard!. I usually have 2 large suit cases in my cupboard full of gifts like scented candles/body lotions that I can use or bags and Jewlery that aren't my style... that I will either regift or have stashed for kids bday (others not mine like small toys for party season). My family are the same bit greenie and minimalist and we never write in the little card on gift bags because we all re use them! It's our family joke/secret and no one else gets it :p

 For a minute I thought I was alone!! My bestie and I have had the same gift bag go back n forth for 6 years :) haha
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Yes but usually to the Kmart Xmas tree. My kids get so many presents for birthdays that they dont need. I have 5 presents already to take to Kmart.

Yep. All the time. I don't have alot of money... So why not?

I get some very expensive gifts i will never use from my inlaws. I often give them away as gifts. I add a little something so it's not just me dumping my junk on them. I get a lot of designer make up, so I give that toy friends who wear it, with some hair accessories or vouchers for clothes, salon,... i got this super-luxurious pink bathrobe that had to cost a fortune. I HATE PINK, Everyone knows it. I gave it to my sis with new pjs aND an aromatherapy pillow. I feel.good knowing someone is enjoying these things and I get something put of giving a gift, so the intent of the person giving it to me was met, I was.made to feel happy using it.

I don't regift to people I know but I do donate gifts to charities or churches.

No never, if I've doubled up on something I usually ask my mum or sisters if they want it and if they don't I give it to charity.

No but if you do always label the gift of who it was from so you don't give it back to them

 Lol. My Mil did that one year to me.
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Yep, happy to regift - Just because it's not my style doesn't mean someone else won't love it.

Yes I re gift smelly gift sets from Kmart/body shop etc. I can't use them because of my sensitive skin and I am bound to get at least 2 of them at Xmas and on my birthday.

I do it all the time 😁 I don't like smelly stuff or ornaments (or dust collectors as I call them) and I don't wear jewelry. My dad bought me flowers and I gave them to the new neighbour who moved in over the road. I reminded him they make me sneeze and he was happy they didn't get wasted. Each to their own

Chocolates i re-gift because i don't eat them but i keep other things even if i will never use them

Only if it's something I would have chosen for the new receiver myself. I wouldn't give a crap present I've received to someone else.