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Why do females get tattoos?

they just make women look cheap and nasty, like they'll jump into bed with anyone and everyone.
Are they that desperate for people to look at them that they'll desecrate their skin? It's like cattle branding for sluts.


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I have 4 tattoos, i love mine and they all have different meanings to me as to why i got them. Including a quote i got when life was getting to be too much to see the brighter side.
They were not just a “omg i want one” reason. Now I’m not cheap and nasty nor will i jump into bed with anyone and everyone- in fact I’m the complete opposite.
I think most tattoos are beautiful body art. Obviously there are some horrible ones out there, including ones on men
There are worse things out there but women shouldn’t be discriminated against for having tattoos

 What a well thought out, eloquent response! Thank you!
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 Bit sexist to say “ones on men” are horrible?
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 ^she's saying there are horrible tattoos out there, on both men and women.
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 She said “including “ men, meaning as well as women.
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I have 3 very small and very personal tattoos on my body. The first two are for the two babies I have loved and lost and the third is for my beautiful late mother. My father isn't well and when he leaves this world I will be getting one for him too. They are all somewhere on my body that only my husband will ever see and don't worry OP because my next one will also be private. I wouldn't want to damage your 20/20 vision

And here is another wonderful society stereotype that tells us women have to look and act a certain way to be worthy of respect, a career and happiness.
You don't have to like it, it's your choice, but please stop branding other women as sl*ts because of how they look.
We'll never achieve gender equality until we treat each other equally.

I think people with unwarranted, judgemental, asshole opinions look worse.

 This ❤️
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Because I like to look cheap and nasty. It's how your husband likes it

I have a set of lips tattooed on my a*s for judgemental like the OP 💋

The only concerning part here in how you claim every woman with a tattoo jumps into bed with anyone! What a fallacy

I don’t have tattoos but I don’t agree with you. It’s a personal thing and people get them for a variety of reasons.

Considering how common tattoos are these days, with women too not just men, what kind of response are you expecting with this thread!

Are you my mum? You sound like my mum. I'm going to write this to my mum:
Whilst I agree that SOME tattoos can look awful, particularly on SOME people, it's more of a reflection on the person BENEATH the tattoos. Not the ink in their skin. A s**t will be a s**t whether she has tattoos or not. Personally, if I was going to get a tattoo (and I haven't conpletely ruled out the idea, but I'm sure you know how I feel about commitment to anything other than my children) it would be to cover the scars on my body. To cover the marks HE (you know the slimebag I mean) left on my skin. It would be empowering, I think. And I'd be able to wear the clothes I want to instead of having to constantly worry about how much of certain body areas are showing. At this point in time it's not going ahead because what I like today, will probably piss me off tomorrow. And short of getting "this is a big f**k you to my abusive ex" written across my body, things change.

There are some trashy women out there who happen to have tattoos. There are also some wonderful ladies out there with tattoos. It's not a 1950s movie scene where one size fits all. It's real life and everyones shit is different. But, I promise you this, I will never allow you to see me with tattoos in my skin. If I go ahead and get one, I'll make sure to cover it entirely around you, or wait until you're no longer on this earth to witness it. I respect your wishes in this case.

 You should so get some to cover those scars from your slime bag ex!! You would rock that shit...
I've seen some amazing ones, look online and find something that you like, then customise it for you.
My dad has similar opinions to your mum by the sounds of it, but as I don't talk to him I got what I wanted and wear them with pride! I have some that represent my kids, one that represents my husband and myself, plus a couple others that I got because I loved them.

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Umm possibly for the same reason that men do, for example, they like them!

Full sleeve tattoo on left arm, ribs, back and forearm as well as a small one behind my ear.

I have 4 wonderful kids aged 6 to 17 and I am a registered nurse working full time.

I hope you come into my hospital one day so I can treat you (or your kids) with my "s**t branded" arm :)

Hope your day gets better OP xx

 You go girl ❤️
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  being a nurse doesn't mean you don't look trashy.
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Presumably for the same reason males get them? Let's build other women up. We're marvelous. Peace ladies ✌️

Agree with op. Then they whinge they can’t ind jobs. My husband works in HR and says that people with tattoos are discriminated when it comes to getting a job.

 Haha i work in HR, for the government no less, and i have a tattoo. Clearly you and your husband have no concept of inclusiveness and diversity, a key element to the business of HR....
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 Bullshit. I’ve always worked with people who have tattoos.
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 I work in a large government office and one of top level managers has heaps of tattoos including across his knuckles. He's an amazing manager, I think that's how he got to where he is, nothing to do with tattoos
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 I bet you don’t even have a husband.

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 I have chest, arm, hand tattoos, big ones and have always had a full-time and a part-time job, but okay
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I personally think they look ugly especially a whole arm on a beautiful young girl however it is her body and her life so whilst this isn’t what I choose it is her choice and I respect that.