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Tough single mums, just curious why your marriage broke down in your opinion.

No judgement here, but I'm curious. Was it mutual, quick, a surprise?


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Mine supposedly broke down due to my nagging... coz you know its nagging when your idiot husband drives to the pub and gets a taxi home and then your car is just left at a pub... that locks its gates until 10am in the morning. School run? Going to work on time... nagging? Nagging to put clothes in the basket, instead of leaving dirty clothes on the kitchen floor (near laundry door) nagging asking for help around the house, nagging asking for him to pull meat out of freezer and place on bench. He is so happy and free now that he escaped my nagging. And im so fu****g happy that i dont have to put up with him anymore

 I swear to God some people have no ability to see others problems with their actions. Glad fto hear your out
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 Had my BIL living with us. He'd go out till all hours, come home leave the doors unlocked, make something to eat and trash my kitchen, spew in and around the toilet and he wondered why we nagged him to shape up or ship out 🙄 Eventually kicked him out much to everyone else's surprise.
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 Your ex sounds like a child. No wonder you are happy now! go you.
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He was an alcoholic, there was domestic violence perpetrated by him and I caught him cheating on me. I worked too much, wasn't in love with him and wanted my freedom.
Five years later and he's sober, no longer aggressive and has a wonderful girlfriend. I'm happy living life as a single Mum and working in a job I'm passionate about.
Took the two of us for the marriage to fail. I'm not marriage material and my kids and my work are my life.
He's turned into a half decent person, will always have asshole tendencies but we were like oil and water.. It was never going to work.

 Why have kids wirh him
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 He changed once we had children. Didn't like that the children became my priority over everything else.
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We just couldn't get along anymore
We fought too much and the kids were being affected

Since we've split we've become great friends again.

 That's a really good outcome from a tough situation. Well done.
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 Thanks, we both decided we didn't want to get to the point we hated each other, or did something reallly stupid and painful to the other person that would be hard to come back to a peaceful amicable split. And felt if we kept trying and kept "working on it" we'd end up reallly fu****g our family up.

The hardest things by far was not having my kids every day
It's still shit but it's what it is.

But my kids have two pRents who can't be in the same room
They have two step parents who are awesome
They never split birthdays Christmas or any special even
And they have dinner every few weeks with everyone who means the most to them :)

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Emotional, financial, verbal and sexual abuse.... he had my self esteem through the floor

Mine kept having tantrums because I wasn't giving him enough attention - newborn baby was getting it all. He cheated on me with a young backpacker and decided he wanted freedom. So yes a complete surprises.
Since we split mutual friends have told me he cheated on me a few times. I felt more hurt by that than him.

 I would too, how horrible. I truly believe if it's your friend you should tell them. If it's a friend of a friend then depending on the situation
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Found out he was on Asian dating sites. Kicked him out. Plus he use to verbally abuse me something terrible. He's a narcissist. Since having the baby he lost all interest in me. I'm staying civilised for our sons sake. He visits his son. He said he doesn't want him nights. Doesn't want all that responsibility. So yeah ... just another jerk!

Because he was extremely narcissistic and selfish and was doing a lot of bad stuff, which put our children in danger. Oh and he was also cheating on me. Good Riddance I say.

Not exactly a surprise, more of a relief. Besides from him cheating (which I could never prove he did more than make profiles on hookup sites and he wouldn't admit to without solid evidence), he lied constantly about everything, abused me physically, emotionally and sexually, it was when I found out he was an ice addict that I was able to get away from him. But if you listen to his side of the story, it would be that I became distant and am a complete bitch.

He was arrested and put in jail so I'm going to go with surprise..... you can live a monster and not even know it!

 What did he do? Sorry you had to find out the hard way x that would have been awful :(
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I was never married. I was single, contraception failed and I fell pregnant on my 6 monthly "freeing of the frustration" lol.

My husband commited suicide

 Sorry to hear xx
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This makes me so sad. I can't believe how you ladies are treated! Wtf is wrong with these men.