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What do you see when you close your eyes?


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Weirs patterns and stuff, like a kaleidoscope.I thought that was normal, Now I feel weird.

 I see the same!
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 Same I’ve been seeing intricate geometrical mandala type shapes that are 3D and interlock with each other, each wheel is a different colour and moves constantly, I’ve had this since I was in my crib (they’re my first memories) because when it’s dark the whole room would be consumed with this colour, it scared me so much I would scream for someone to open the door because the light settled me. After a while I thought everyone had it and never questioned it till a couple years ago!
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 I see them just as intricately wether my eyes are open or shut
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A huge anus, it stares at me like a sink hole and threatens to swallow me and suck me deep into the depth of its existence. I haven’t slept for years due to this :( maybe I’m having an existential meltdown?

I see colors, patterns flowing around. I see people sometimes, never black. My third eye has opened up. I have some psychic abilities. i see images like a movie screen when I am relaxed and my eyes are closed.

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 I see things like this too but I don’t have any psychic powers or believe in a third eye. I just thought it was normal.
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 ‘Physic abilities’ 🙄🙄
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Me ex who I miss so so much

 What are you like a 15 year old high school girl
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 No need to be a c*unt. Get off here and go have a cup of milky tea and tuck yourself into bed if you feel the need to react I. Such a way to a stranger!
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 Have you seen half the responses on this site? This response was mild 😂
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Every time I close my eyes lately I end up falling asleep.

A negative image of whatever was just in front of me.