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Help with stress. Ive gone back to college after a long break. I am getting great marks so far - 3rd year. I'm having issues with a huge assignment worth 50% of my grade. I feel like quitting again cos I cant deal with the stress.

Ive contacted the lecturer and I have an extension. Problem is - the extension doesnt really help. Ive landed a job in something I like which starts on Monday full-time and I really need the money. Ive got a bunch of kids and a load of family issues..... what do I do? Im close to graduating. Its this one assignment and then exam prep. How do I deal with the stress and get it all done? Anything worked for others?


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Just do it and stop complaining? Every other uni student has to juggle family, work, and their own problems along with their course work. You're not a special snowflake.

You have come so far. Is there anyway you can change the start date of your new job? Doesn't hurt to ask. Also I find it easier to study in short focused sessions, lots of productive but short sessions. Hang in there...

Can you defer it? You might have to pay fees again but better than the alternative?

OP here- I have had my big girl pants on for a while fighting through a lot of shit I cant change. The lecturer is understanding which is great however I am just at that point where my mind is exploding. I have so much to do to get ready for work on Monday. My family isnt used to me working full-time. Ill be dealing with kids ttansitioning to after school care etc at the same time. I just feel like Im drowning in work. I took the day off today- cleaned up and organised some stuff that needs to get done so that I can get through this and give my exploding brain a break. I just cant see a light at the end of the tunnel. :(

You CAN don it. It's only a little further. Women are not quitters. Put on your big girl panties and get the job done! Then it will be over!

Are you able to join a study group so can participate in discussion about the assessment piece with others?
Do you have a tutor who can assist you with working out your time management so you finish your study and work if you need to.
It may be possible to complete study online from home depending on what you are studying.
Otherwise if you feel it's too much you can apply to defer for a while.
You are doing a great job . You will work something out. Good luck !

You have done so well so far. Can you get another extension? Figure out what grade you need to pass the subject and aim for that. It's going to be tough but do a few late nights and early mornings. Study on your lunch breaks. It's only for a week or two. You can do it. You just need to pass!