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Is it acceptable to knit in church or family gatherings ?


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My god... c'mon ladies who haven't we targeted yet.. an old Nana for knitting! Oh, no.. wait... we are offended by them too... Is anything left or are we really scraping UNDER the barrel??

- p.s that last line was sarcasm, I know I will get corrected, I know the line is "the bottom of the barrel" and I know that it's time to find a new forum website.

 Here, here!!!
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 OMG what was said that was said that has offended you so? No one was rude. No one that is apart from you has their knickers in a twist. Did someone dare to not have the same opinion than you? Calm down Susan
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Experienced knitters pay full attention to what they hear going on around them.
Their hands work without their brain engaged, and they don't even drop stitches when they are not even looking at what they are doing.
So, its not like using a phone at all, which does require your attention.
Its almost "subconscious body" reflex, like walking, or breathing.
I bet the groups of knitters who get together to knit pouches for orphaned baby koalas or kangaroos, pay full attention to the great conversations they have while doing that task.
And many a pair of bootees, or matinee jackets, ready to welcome a new family member, have been knitted by aunties and nannas at family gatherings, over the years.

 I love your response 🤎
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Absolutely! People have been knitting and chatting and knitting in church since forever.

 And at your family gatherings?
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NO !!! Not unless you are in a group of knitters. If you are at a meeting or visiting someone who isn't knitting, put the needles down. It's really disrespectful of others, regardless of whether you can knit and listen at the same time!

Disagree. You should be giving people your full attention. What's the difference between knitting and a phone? You are still half somewhere else. Wait until you're at home.

 She didn't say that's not engaging in conversation with anyone
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 Obviously not a knitter.
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 I do knit know it all i'm just not rude
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Of course its okay. They are the small things that make us feel connected, like we are safe, we can be ourselves around people.
Bring it back, I say!!!! 😊

LOL. People go to church?

 No one i know
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Personally, I'd be comfortable knitting in church if it was something I was going to donate to charity or to another parishioner. Like a blanket or baby booties.
But, if anyone objected, or gave me some side eye, I'd stop. Plus I knit slowly, so the needles don't make too many clicks and clacks.

It’s better than knitting while at the lights. Yes, I have seen this happen. Lady next to me pulled out her knitting while waiting at the lights. It was both hilarious and concerning. Hands on the wheel at all times grandma!

 Yikes !
This is definitely unacceptable. What if she cant get her hands onto the wheel in time, when the lights change !

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It depends on what you’re knitting really. A cute little teddy bear for the sick kids in hospital, fine. But a pair of crotchless undies in church?, probably not a good idea.