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Is it ok to wear a black and white dress to a wedding

We have been invited to a "surprise" wedding and after just having a baby, the only dress that I own that fits is a knee length black dress with a white bodice bit and white ribbon hanging loose (dress is mostly black though). Would this be ok? I don't have the motivation to go shopping and the wedding is next weekend but my partner does not think its a good colour combo for a wedding.


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I think it would be fine. If you were conscious about it maybe you could wear a coloured scarf/wrap/pashmina or cardigan over the top.

Why are people so precious over what colours to wear to a wedding? When I got married, I wouldn't have cared less if everyone turned up in white. I would have had a laugh about it, and probably gotten the photographer to get us all together and take a few humorous pics! There are worse things in life to worry about.

 Common courtesy? Etiquette? I couldn't have cared either, but I do respect that some people do. And of course there are worse things in life to worry about, no one is saying wearing white to a wedding is the worst thing ever!
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Personaly i would avoid the colour white all together but thats because when it comes to weddings in VERY traditional, i know if i was the bride it could annoy me, not enough to say anything or be upset but enough to think to myself 'really? Why wear white at a wedding?' .

But it really depends on the actual dress and how much white, from your description and what im imaging, i wouldnt wear it but my imagination could be way off.

 My wedding dress was Pink
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Send a picture to the bride and ask if you have concerns. That way she doesn't get an unpleasant surprise on her day and you don't feel awkward.

 Honestly, that would just be a really odd thing to do. If you are so unsure that you need to ask the bride, then it's probably not suitable.
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 Well it did happen for my wedding which was a surprise wedding. I would rather that than be annoyed. Depends on how you are related. Mine was only family and a few close friends.
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Back in the day you did not wear white, for obvious reasons, black as it was morbid or red as it was somthing like a scarlet woman colour... Nowadays so long as you don't outshine the bride you wear clothes that suit the dress code. As you've just had a Bub and that's all you've got that's comfy and you feel nice in wear it. If in doubt definitely message the bride with a pic explaining the situation for her take on it.

I honestly didn't even pay attention to what people wore to my wedding, if they were happy and comfortable that's all I cared about

My mother wore a white and black free to my wedding, personally I was f**king pissed that she did it, I think she mostly did it because she never thinks about anyone but herself and because she doesn't like the man I picked to marry. Honestly if you can wear something else do, I am fine with black I wouldn't be upset with that, I was upset with the white part, if the bride is more on the traditional side she may be upset by it!

Definitely okay! The only thing you can't wear is a white only dress. Black and white is totally okay! Don't stress X

Absolutely! As long as its not all white and lacey, you're fine!

I think it would be fine, as long as the bride isn't a bridezilla. You've just had a baby (btw, congratulations!). You don't need the added stress or expense of buying a new dress. Especially as your body is still changing after giving birth.
Let's be real here, it's a day to celebrate the couple, not New York Fashion Week. Your dress sounds fine. Do you have a colourful broach or cardigan you could wear too?

My bridesmaids wore black, haha! I think it's fine.

OP Knowing my luck, the bridesmaids will have a similar dress 😂 I went to a friends wedding a few years ago and was wearing the exact same dress as the bridemaids 🙊 turns out the bride had seen the dress in my wardrobe, checked the tag and went and got them not realising it was what I would be wearing.
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 Oh wow, thats awkward.
I wore exactly the same blue as bridesmaids to a wedding 2 years ago. They all wore slightly different dresses in the same colour.
My Dress was slightly different again but still same colour. Was a bit awkward.

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 Since then if i personally know the bride i ask what colour the bridesmaids are wearing to make sure i dont wear the same again
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I wore black to a weddimg recently.
As long as it's not straight white :)

I wore a black dress to my brothers wedding. It will be fine i have seen plenty of people wear black and white dresses, just dont wear a white dress haha

I think it will be fine. I wore a black dress for my own wedding ;)
You are a guest you can wear whatever you want

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 Shame you’re pathetic to be so nasty. No body feels good or fits everything after a baby
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