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How much water do you drink per day?

I can’t drink if I’m not thirsty. I feel like I’m drowning if I drink when I don’t need to. I’ll have three glasses of water and a few coffees but there’s no way I can drink 2-3 litres of water a day.


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I drink about 2 litres of cordial. For some reason drinking plain water makes me vomit. I don't get it. So I'll either have cordial or I'll add lemon and cucumber to my water. Has to be a strong flavour though.

 OP here, my daughter and I are the same. If we drink water when we don’t feel thirsty we feel like we are going to throw up. I try to drink more by putting lemon in a bottle of water and sip throughout the day but I forget because I never feel thirsty.
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 Sugar naughty
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 I've never met anyone else who feels sick like I do, interesting haha. Everyone thinks I'm weird but it actually has made me vomit before. So now it's cordial.
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 I feel sick too! What the!! I should try cordial, it sounds terrible but better than nothing!
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I can literally go weeeks without any other water than my morning tea

It’s bad, iv been trying to change fir10 year’s.
I even live in qkdob the Sunshine Coast so lots of heat, sun and need.

I just can’t stand wAter unless I’m so dehydrated my body skulls it.

 Bet your piss is dark yellow
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 ☝🏻 Well aren’t you a genius.
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Maybe 1L including tea/milo. Extra when playing sport. I've never had a high intake and I don't get headaches or anything like my husband does if he doesn't drink enough.

 Also I remember reading that the study that says water intake should be 2L per day says it's from all sources, including food and other drinks. So you don't have to drink 2L of plain water a day. But I understand some people function better with high intake 🙂
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 Don’t forget food, like an apple has atleast half a cup
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 I was just reading an article saying NOT to include other sources of liquid.
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 There will always be stories for both sides whenever it comes to food and drink, so I think people just need to use common sense and do what works for them.
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About 4 lites of water. But I don’t really like the taste of water so I use the tea infusions that give it a taste

 4 Litres? Do you sip all day or do you guzzle glasses every hour?
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I'll do about 3L a day but I am a heavy drinker at night so need that water to flush to piss out

I drink 2 to 3 litres a day. I used to drink nothing and then had a guy at work tell me it was childish and would kill me. Was a bit of a slap in the face but I needed it. It took a while to get into a good habit but now it happens and i dont think about it. Now if i fall short i sleep really badly.

3 litres plain water. My favourite drink.

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When I'm at work I drink about 2/3 litres and I don't really pee and if I do it looks really concentrated, even though I've drunk heaps of water.
Less when I get home, unless I buy soda water, then I drink the whole 1.25L bottle

1.5-2L a day
As long as your pee is a light straw colour you are drinking enough water. Everyone is different

At least 2L's per day. I don't drink tea, coffee or soft drink so it's just plain water for me!!