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Hi, I am having terrible hormonal issues including acne, mood issues and weight gain. GP says everything is in the normal range. Thinking of seeing a naturopath but what can they actually do? I have cleaned up my diet, I exercise. Should I try a supplement first?

Naturopath for hormones


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Well I’m actually looking to see a naturopath also... I have low energy levels and bloods come back within normal range... not sure what they can do..... but one way to find out !!!!!! And have heard some great success stories too!!

I tried unsuccessfully to fall pregnant for three years. In that time I saw a GP, gynaecologist, and received fertility treatment. I was told I had secondary infertility. (My first child was conceived on our first try.) When nothing worked, I saw a naturopath. She did a few tests, nothing invasive, and told me I had a major hormone imbalance. She said I had too much oestrogen in my body. She gave me a detox drink and told me some foods to avoid. Two months later I was pregnant. I would definately give a naturopath a try.

I had all the symptoms you’re exposing PLUS started growing more facial hair on my chin and a bit more arm hair - turns out I had PCOS so I just got surgery to fix it

Sometimnes acne treatment through laser is a good option, as it kills the bacteria that live in the skin. Some people have more bacteria than others, and diet alone doesnt fix it.

I tripped over an advertising brochure for Orthomolecular Clinic, when I was in a compounding pharmacy. Never heard of it before. They look at all sorts of wholistic medicine, mental and physical, as an integrated package.
Might be worth a try, look up "Orthomolecular clinic Kallangur" (which is north Brisbane suburb), but they have a lot of information on line, and I would imagine these clinics are all over the country.
They offer bulk billing if you are referred under a Mental Health care plan, but their fees are on a sliding scale based on your income, and quite reasonable.