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Can older women be beautiful and attractive to men?


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Why not? We can be hotties til we're dead if we want 😁

I’m 47 men all ages just don’t seem to get it that I am married and not interested. It’s getting to the point where everything I do outside of work I limit to woman only. I don’t think it’s a number, if you look after yourself male or female age doesn’t se to come into it.

I think as we age we factor other things into attractiveness such as personality and wisdom.

it's all subjective, I'm a 53 year old make, do i like looking at younger women? Yes, Do I like looking at older women?, Yes. I still love sex so while I have that's too short, have fun, young or old if you find someone attractive .....go for it, older can sometimes bet every way

Can older men be attractive to women?

 Depends. I'd 100% go for someone in their 40s or maybe 50s, but any older than that probably not. I'm 27. I can't even say I have daddy issues or anything like that, there's just something about an older man haha. But go figure, my hubby is younger than me 😂
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The first thing I see when I look at any person is what is pretty, beautiful or striking about them, my brain always goes straight to a positive... age, gender, race irrelevant, I feel like not many people look at other people the way I do? Idk, anyone? I've been like this since I was a child and always wondered if I'm just a weirdo 😂

 No you’re not a weirdo. Beauty is not a single dimension. Anyone of any age can be beautiful. I really dislike the notion pushed on us by social media, and the beauty industry that you must be a certain age and a certain shape to be beautiful.
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 Yep me too I only see the good in people.
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This question is beyond stupid. People are so stupidly shallow these days.

My 32 year old husband follows a few instagram "models" who are over 40. Given that they only post half naked photos with emoji captions, I'm guessing he's following them because he finds them attractive. Unless he really likes emojis and is there purely for the 🍆💦💦 repetition 🤔

Most definitely. I don’t know why people
Think age is cannot beautiful. It absolutely can be.

Definition of "older woman" please? Age bracket?

 40 and over
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 Well damn I'm 40 so i hope so. Not as hot as i used to be but if you still put the work in and not completely let yourself fall apart, you can still be attractive.
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