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Have you ever told a new partner that you've previously had an affair or been the 'other woman' if they ask you?

Or did you lie? If you told the truth, did it affect your new relationship?


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I told my partner about me cheating on one of my ex's. I tried numerous times to break up with him and he wouldn't accept it, would come to my house and cry at my front door if I refused to answer his messages or phone calls, would have his mates come around and try and convince me to stay with him, would break in to my house and be sitting in my lounge room when I got home from work. Eventually I "cheated" (by this point I'd told him several times that it was over) and made it super obvious so I'd get "caught". Nope, that didn't even work. According to him we could work through it. I know it's not technically cheating, but it's the closest I've ever come to it lol. Eventually some other girl caught his eye and he left me alone. Thank god for that.

If they ask I do. Can’t build a relationship on lies. I do always say that I can’t change the past but that I have learnt my lesson from my mistakes, so I won’t repeat them again.