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What makes you end a friendship?


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Being a major support for them but they are AWOL when the roles reverse.

Care factor = if you make time for them but they can't make the effort for you.

I can't stand clingy people or friends that morph in to you, start cutting their hair the same, mimicking your mannerisms and quirks.

 This hasn't been a problem since high school
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 Lucky you.
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When it’s one sided- you make the effort and they don’t return it (unless they’re busy e.g. newborn stage)
I also had to end a friendship because everything they did, they expected back. She bought expensive presents and expected expensive gifts back even when I said I felt uncomfortable accepting the gifts as I can’t afford to gift the same. She said don’t worry about it and then I would receive passive aggressive comments 🙄 Goodbye 👋

 Thank you for the newborn comment. I have a newborn and feel guilty im a bad friend lately
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When their kids are physically hurting your kids but they dismiss it as “ boys being boys”.

 ^ this !!!
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 I'm vegetarian some I'm curious to know what about this makes you not want to be their friends?
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 Not op, not all vegans are hardcore but some are. My sister in law constantly tells us what we are eating is wrong and how terrible we are as human beings...blah blah blah.....trying to force her way onto us. But being vegan isn’t what would stop me being friends. It could be religion, music tastes, parenting ways, I just don’t like people trying to force their views on to me and expect me to change. You do you and I’ll do me.
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 Ah yes, I wondered if that was it. I agree with you. Even as a vegetarian I've felt attacked because I wasn't doing good enough, just "half arsing" it, or even being a coward. I understand that they feel emotional and passionate about it, but I don't understand how they feel that attacking people like that is going to help their "mission". It seems completely counterintuitive to me. For me, being vegetarian is just something that feels right to me - I just don't want another creature to be killed for me when I can survive perfectly without it. But that's just where I'm at in my journey, and I completely understand people who choose to eat meat.

Live and let live, for sure.

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Negativity. Always be a sour puss about everything.

Opportunism, and when they start to think they're better than you when they move a little up the ladder in life.

 Except usually those kind dump you first. Had that happen. Last i saw them im actually doing far better financially if thats what you think is important
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Afer my dad passed away I rang my friend to tell her. She asked me where I was (at my home) and told me to stay there as she was coming over. She never showed up and I attempted to call her but no response. That was 3 years ago. Needless to say, no more friendship 😟

 I was there for my friend when her elderly grandmother died from ill health. Everyday for three weeks she called for nearly two hours and sobbed and sobbed. When I told her my dad was diagnosed with cancer she said “well there’s cures for cancer now”. I didn’t hear from her again til my dad died three weeks later. My husband answered the phone and said I was too upset to chat. She said ok, tell her to call me when she wants a coffee. She never asked to attend my dads funeral to support me. Never called back to check on me. I never spoke to her again.
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 Do you know if your friend was ok? She might have got hit by a bus on the way over??
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 ^^yeah she's fine. She recently requested to follow me on Instagram
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Any sort of dramas
Small or large.
Iv no time for it now

People who constantly demand your attention all the time. Their life is the only thing anyone should find important. Everyone needs to drop everything and help if they call (which is often, and always a result of their own bad decisions). They post 100 times a day on media and get upset if you don’t respond/react to all their photos and drama. They argue and want you to feel guilty about not caring for them enough, but they are affronted if you want them to be there for you. Don’t you know how busy they are? Don’t you realize how much stress they are under now their inlaws only look after her kids 3 days a week instead of 4? How can you be so thoughtless when she hasn’t even done her weekly groceries yet because her last 2 days kid free she just needed “me time” and now she is stuck with the kids again and no food in the house. Dropped like a sack of manure. 💩

 I can totally understand why you dropped this friend.
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 I’d have dropped her too.
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