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Glitter above hubby's lip?

Last night hubby came home early at 5pm but I noticed he had a speck of glitter above his lip. I didn't want to flip out so I just questioned him patiently his response was he didn't know? Could there be a logical explanation?


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Have you ever used glitter? There is a possibility, a very high possibility, it has been there since he was a child using glitter. Once it gets on you it is never coming off.

Perhaps this forum is making you feel paranoid and vulnerable. Glitter does not equal cheating.

 Yes!im not op but This forum has made me so paranoid about cheating! I never doubted my husband before but since seeing so many cheaters I have started looking in his phone! It's not healthy!
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He didn't go to work that day. Instead he went to the local gay hang out and performed as Phoebe his crossing dressing stage name.

He was christmas shopping to buy his beautiful beloved wife a present and some christmas glitter that was on a product attached to his hand and he wiped his lip without realising and left the glitter there.

The herpes of the craft world gets all up in anyone's bits! Even if you haven't been near it for 6yrs! I'd calm your farm and not freak out! It's just a spek of glitter, that shit is everywhere up in the shops at the moment.

Goodness me, if one speck of glitter has you in knots, what do real issues do to you? Relax. As others have said, it's Xmas and glitter is coming at us from all directions right now.

 It is literally June... Definitely not xmas!
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 This post was 2 years ago.... Do you not read or something?
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Its one speck of glitter. Glitter is in and on everything these days its nothing.

My ex came home with glitter on his forehead, his face, his neck and all down his stomach to his p**** an thighs.
That's cheating lol
(He'd been seeing the Topless Waitress at the bar)

 I'm glad he is your ex.
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Yeah, I wouldn't be worried about one speck of glitter, that shit sticks to everything and at this time of year it is everywhere, don't jump to conclusions unless there are already other signs that have been worrying you

My hubby has had glitter a few times and we worked out it was from kindy pick up you have any other reasons to suspect something sinister?

Op here😊 Thankyou for your responses. I didn't expect to see so many comments lol! I'm usually very secure in my relationship but I guess some of you are right that this page can give you insecure obscene thoughts! Glad I didn't make a big deal of it last night😝😣

 Could be nothing could be something I say trust your gut
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Yes hes cheating with a stripper who shoots glitter out of her vag. Is that what you want to hear? As others have said its one tiny speck of glitter, dont be paranoid

People constantly touch their faces during the day, especially their mouths. Id say it's transferred from his hand to his face and it could have got on his hand from just about anywhere, that stuff gets everywhere.

Most likely there's a logical explanation. It's Christmas, there's glitter everywhere.