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Help! White In toddlers

My 23 month old had very bad ear wax and some white stuff in both ears. We went to the gp and it turned out she had very bad ear infections in both ears.
She has about a day left of antibiotics left and her ears are not getting better but I have noticed her hearing is better!!
She has this thick white stuff in her eardrums and still a lot of yucky wax. Does anyone know what the white stuff is and what it means? I’m not going back to the gp as I don’t think she did a proper check. Can someone tell me what the white stuff could be? I’m tempted to call the nurse. She isn’t in any pain either obvisouly if she was I wouldn’t take her straight to the ER.


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You will have to go back to the doctor and get another course of antibiotics most likely if you aren't happy go to a different doctor

Answered by SAHM Staff

Hi OP - if you are in Australia, you can call one of the 24 hour health hotlines and speak to a GP or Registered Nurse and they can advise you on what to do. There's some phone numbers in this post on our website

OP I was about to look for the number! Thank you so much!
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