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Would you eat food at someone’s house that was too burnt or over cooked or undercooked or you didn’t like the taste ?


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I would eat it as long as it wasn’t charcoal or raw. Don’t want to be rude, but also don’t want gastro 😂

As much as I could. Because I’m not rude.

 You are a moron
How can you eat burnt food or meat that’s mooing
Undercooked chicken equals food poisoning
Can’t stomach creamy sauces or watery pasta sauce

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 You must be the moron. Read my reply again. I said I’d eat what I could. Didn’t say I’d eat undercooked chicken.
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 She's just looking for a fight....hubby not giving it to you again?
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 Hubby died few mths ago
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 ^ so you come here and take out your grief on strangers? Maybe go see a counsellor
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 My hubby isn't giving it to me much either. I'd probably just risk the salmonella. At least there'd be something going on
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I had to every day of my childhood. My mother was the worst cook. Probably explains why us kids never grew beyond 5 foot. Today she lives alone, living on takeaway food and frozen meals because even she hates her own cooking. Still forced us to eat the crap anyway. We weren’t allowed to leave the table until all the overcooked rock hard meat and shrivelled up microwaved twice peas were eaten.

 I hope to god you are not one of my kids in the future 😂
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 Huh? I don’t get your comment.
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 I think she's suggesting she's a terrible cook.
Same here. But my kids mostly eat everything because they're always ravenous. But I really suck at cooking

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 I hope this is not what my kids will think of my cooking when they are older.
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I try and eat everything but if it looked like it was going to give me food poisoning I would make an excuse or point it out if I was close enough to the person. Like if my sister served me raw chicken it wouldn't be a problem if I said something because I know she wouldn't want to be serving raw chicken. I have never had to do anything like that though, I just eat what I'm given and say thankyou.

Yes, it’s called manners

 If you're a visitor there is no need to say anything about what it tastes like. Someone else is cooking food for you, free food for you. They don't have to feed you but they are. Be grateful for it and appreciate the fact that someone went out of their way for you.
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 Your idea of swill might be someone else’s idea of gourmet. 🤷‍♀️ Sure, let them know if their cooking has the potential to give you food poisoning like undercooked chicken. But it is bad manners to tell someone who has gone to the trouble of cooking you a meal you think their food is crap.
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If I didn't like it I'd probably drown it in tomato sauce and try it. If i couldn't I'd say I'm not very hungry.
If it was raw is say so, if its burnt I'd say so. Why eat shit?
If I put effort in to never serve under/ overcooked food them why can't other people? They might not realise how shit their food is and might start making an effort.

I’d pick at the safe things like salad and buttered rolls lol
I can’t eat meat or chicken cause I’ve had an “upset stomach” all week!