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The Voice

I’d really like to watch but Delta makes it so hard. She’s so cringeworthy. Are you watching?


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Delta always makes it about herself. If someone has a sad story, she has to tell hers.

I just watched it. She’s not that bad. I just don’t like the whole “i want you you are awesome- I want to work with you until the end of time” from all the judges, when I remember after a week they just ditch them like they mean very little

 They’ve gotta ditch someone every week, it’s the game.
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No. All of these 'reality' shows are so repetitive and mostly scripted. Same format year in, year out, just different people & so much pointless time filling crap. I saw an ad for this year that they're changing it up with an extra button on the desks!!

There's so many cool shows out there I don't get why these shows are so popular.

 It’s great to see new talent. I hate the judges tho, I just want to hear singing.
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Can't stand delta! She's so fake and wants it all about her.

Yep I’m the same she annoys me so much. Delta copies all the other judge’s responses too.