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Ideas for university graduation present

There is a new addition to the family. I don't know her very well which makes this hard.
She was a young single mum working hard to gain a uni degree. She has now joined the family. I am so impressed by her determination and hardwork and I would like to buy her a present.
Any ideas?


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Honestly as a single mum doing fulltime study myself I reckon a nice card and a box of chocolates would be very much appreciated.
Its not the present but the thought that counts and it sounds like you are thoughtful encouraging person <3

Nice photo frame for photo of graduation or a voucher for framing for the paper copy of her degree?

 That's a crappy gift idea - sorry but who the hell wants a frame??? Boooorring
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 Clearly not you.
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 Sorry, but I dissagree. A lovely frame would be a great gift.
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A kick up the a*s?

 So what someone who is trying to get ahead in life deserves
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 Yep, it will encourage them to try harder and do better! It's called 'reverse psychology'
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What is your budget?

OP Up to $50
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 Mani pedi voucher is always a hit !
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I would consider a gift card for a massage, restaurant or pedicure voucher indulgence is key I think when you've worked hard :)

What's her degree? A nice desk set if it's a desk job. Medical field degree - voucher for new scrubs or go halfs on a nice stethoscope. Culinary - some very fancy expensive ingredient like truffle oil, saffron...

Hmmmm ok..... does she have a pandora bracelet? Maybe a charm. Or a quality picture frame with a graduation photo.

Mind your own business

 Hope no one ever give you a gift.
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