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I would like to know how large families keep track of what is in their pantries, fridge, freezer etc?


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Some of you are so super organised with systems in place, I just look in my cupboards and fridge before I go shopping 😂 Sometimes I will go as far as meal planning for the fortnight then looking through to see if what I need for those meals and writing a shopping list, but usually I rely on memory. Which is not a good thing 😂

 Lol I used to be like this (I'm the stockpile mum). We went through a really broke patch where my husband and I had to skip meals just to feed our kids. So now I'm super afraid of going back to that stage. So I started bulk buying and stocking up. I quickly realised I needed to organise it all or my husband would flip his shit lol. I found it easy to organise once I had the right tupperware stuff. It made it fun (okay so I find organising fun) and exciting.
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I like to stockpile my groceries when I can. So once a week (right before I buy groceries) I go through the pantry and freezer and check what we need. I usually have an extra 1 or 2 of most pantry supplies. I try and buy it on special and bulk. Everything has its place in there. Cereal in cereal containers on the top shelf with medicines/vitamins/medical supplies. I also group meal ingredients together where possible. So the beans with the burrito kits, spaghetti with the pasta sauce. That way, when I open the pantry its easy to see if somethings missing. Its all in my mind I'm afraid. So if my husband needs to pick up the slack one day, he's gonna have to work out my mind lol.

Make sure your pantry is always clean and tidy.
I have set places for everything, so I know what is where.
I also have a pasta cupboard, baking cupboard, kids snacks, all in their own set place.
I am just about finished building a new room, which will have our 3 freezers in, and large extra pantry for my bulk stuff.
I use baskets in the freezers, fish, chicken ect.

Doing an inventory sheet up helps. Like once a week go through your freezer and write down what how many serves of chicken breast (for example) that you have. Helps with meal planning too.
Keeping them organised helps to be able to take a quick look as well.