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My daughter was spat on in the face at school.

Leaving school yesterday my daughter told me this boy was picking on her and spat in her face! They are 9/10 year olds... Should know it's freaking disrespectful and disgusting. I called the school as soon as she told me and they have said they will speak to the boy and my daughter but I am so livid right now!


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That's disgusting. Fu****g feral prick. I'm probably over reacting but I would take her to the doctor for a once over just because you never know what germs he could have had

 It's not ok for anyone to spit in anyone's face. It's also really not ok for adults to be calling children fu****g feral picks.
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 Sorry agree to disagree
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 I would most definitely call a 9-10 year old that spits in anyone’s face a fu****g feral prick!

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 In future her boyfriend will spit his j**z from his dick
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 Why even bother with the ** if you are going to be so offensive 🙄

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 The *** comes up automatically when you swear c...unt. Hence the ...
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Spitting on someone is absolutely disgusting and degrading. It’s one of those things I would seriously lose my shit over. I’m so sorry this happened to your daughter. Make sure the school punishes him. Fu****g little putrid pig.

Yeah I'm with the other responders so far. Spitting on someone, especially in their face, is so wrong. I agree with PP take her to the doctors and get her checked for everything. Unfortunately, this other child has learned that behaviour somewhere and adults who spit in someone's face usually carry... unpleasant germs/communicable problems. Sorry to worry you. I would also be telling the school that if something isn't done you'll be pressing charges against them and the childs family. I know it's dramatic but it's what I would do.
If I see my children spitting at someone (and it's happened before) I punish them immediately and harshly. It is honestly one of my most hated things. My parents would slap us in the face if we did it. And it only took a couple of times before we learnt to keep our saliva to ourselves.

That's considered an assault. I would insist on more action being taken

I would go to the classroom in the morning and speak to that little shit myself. Tell him if he ever touches your daughter again you and your husband are coming after him. Scare the shit out of him. But don’t let anyone hear you. I confronted my daughters bully at the same age. It wasnt as serious as your situation, but I let the girl know to stop being mean. She stopped.

 You threatened a child and you sound proud of it? I understand being proud of stopping your child's bully, but to threaten a child to do it? That is.... very much against MY morals. You know what, usually I try to take the middle ground until all the facts are out, but anonymous person online: I am judging you. (I also don't expect that to have any impact on your life lol, but maybe in real life you should keep that little confession close to your chest)
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 The kid will probably just laugh at you. I would make sure all the parents known what happened so they can keep their kids away from him as much as possible.
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 Yeah doubt the kid would laugh at her. More likely to run home to his feral mother crying... cue punch up and hair pulling in the school carpark
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 I said I confronted the bully, not threatened the bully. Don’t twist my words. I said to the bully “ stop being mean”. That was it. She didn’t laugh, she didn’t cry. She stopped being mean. But my situation wasn’t physical violence. If my daughter was ever spat in the face, yeah I definately would take it further if the school did nothing. If no one stops that kid when he’s a kid, imagine what he’s capable of as an adult. Hope he’s not dating your daughter. And by the way I didn’t keep that confession to myself and every other parent in the class thanked me for stepping up because that girl was a bully to every other girl in the class until I said something.
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I wonder if its worth talking to the police. Maybe not to press charges yet, but to assess what could be done if it continues, and especially if it is not dealt with firmly by his parents and the school. It is classified as assault.
And I think because of the risk of transmission of aids, when police are the victims, as so often happens, it results in serious charges.

Oh and imagine if the little shit spat on the teacher! Would probably be suspended or expelled if it happened again!!!
Go to the doctor , also make sure the school knows you have done so. Let them know how serious you take it!!!!!
Listen to your daughter side of the story, make sure she knows you will always listen and also it’s good if she’s aware that even if she said something nasty he has no right to do this

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OK. Even more pissed off just got a called from the school to say it is not how it happened at all and my child told her a completely different story! I am so pissed off right now, she was so serious and even showed me how it happen and was lying the whole time apparently. I don't know what to believe anymore

 Whats the other side of the story?
I'd be weighing up the two and erring on the side of my own child. Kids need to know that mum and dad will go to bat for them if needed.

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 Make an appointment to discuss it on Monday. Or if you don't think the school cares report it to the police.
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 It’s not really the other side of the story , it’s a different version. What was apparently said to the teacher? Maybe your child feels more comfortable telling you what really happened
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