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Plantar warts during pregnancy

Has anybody had one? I've got one on my foot and it's killing me. It only popped up while I'm pregnant (I'm guessing because my immune system is compromised whilst growing a baby). Did you seek treatment for yours? What did that involve? I tried the at home salicylic pads but they didn't do much. Did yours just drop out/off at the end of your pregnancy?


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Before you go & spend a bunch of money on a specialist try what i did. I wasn't pregnant but did some internet research & found an old wives tale that work. Go buy some apple cider vinegar & some duct tape. After you shower cut a tiny bit of cotton bud in the size of your planter wart soak it in the vinegar, squeeze the excess out & place it over the wart & tape it over so it stays put. Don't let it breath you have to smother that mf. If it comes off during the day repeat & keep doing it until it's dead. It'll turn black when it dying but keep going until you think it's gone. If you need more info Google it. Mines been gone for a few years now.

 I second this!! I had 3 and got rid of them all this way and haven't had any more since. I think it took about 2 weeks for them to go, about a year ago
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This will sound sooo weird!! Frozen banana peels on the wart, cover with plasters every night before bed. It takes about 3 weeks but they will dissapear.

They are the absolute worse. Go and see a skin specialist but you may have to wait til after pregnancy. I had to get mine cut out and that was after they froze it off twice. They are deep rooted so just tell them you want it cut out and not frozen off. I had mine when I was a teenager

Oh this was my question! I forgot I had the wart.
Well, I ended up moisturising my foot overnight, then the next morning when I went to walk my kids to school it was absolutely pouring rain. So my socks and shoes got saturated. When I finally made it home I started "digging" at the dead skin on the wart. I maybe halved it in size just by that. After that I went back to using the pads, which eventually killed it enough to be dug out completely. Yay!

My son had one. Got it frozen three times and it still wouldn’t go. I saw a different doctor and he told me to use wart off. I said I’d read reviews that that didn’t work which is why I went straight to the freezing option. Doc said it’s the best thing. So gave it a go and within a week it had gone.

I had one recently but not pregnant. I tried a couple of those at home freeze things but they did nothing. I also tried the duct tape method but that made it worse, and super stinky. I had it for months and it was getting bigger and more painful.... and I thought I’d try one more over the counter treatment before conceding defeat and going to the doctor. I got some wart off and it took about 6 weeks of daily application but I finally killed the bloody thing. Happiest day of my life! The best person to speak to about trying something like that is your pharmacist. Good luck!

Are you NOT suppose to use SA products while pregnant.

I had one on the ball of my foot frozen off. Had to do it twice and the second time he did a really good dose. Was glad to be rid of it!