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Catholic school

Why did you choose the catholic school? What has been your experience?


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I went to an all-girls Catholic high school (over 10 years ago now in the Western suburbs of Sydney) and I had a really really positive experience. I am not a particularly zealous Catholic and while Religion was a compulsory subject I found it really enlightening because we learned about all religions and spiritual systems from an academic, historical and social perspective, not the 'you must believe this' kind of way. It was really instrumental in developing my understanding of people and the world and i believe it gave me a lot of compassion for others. I never felt like faith was forced upon me. (Yes we had a prayer in the morning and had to go to group chapel once a fortnight but if you didn't want to participate in the rituals you did not have to) actually there were quite a few non-Catholic students who attended and we even had a Mulsim history teacher, I'm sure many of the teachers were not Catholic.
I especially thought the sense of female empowerment, community, and compassion for others which my school instilled in me were the greatest lessons I learned there, and they are principles I have carried with me through to my adult and career years.

Avoid. My uncle was raped by a priest at Catholic school. No lie. It ruined him.

It was the better school in our area and within walking distance from home.
My son is only in prep but so far it's been really good. Majority of kids are nice and the parents I've meet are friendly enough

 In prep you’d have the same experience at a public school.
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 How so? Its all school
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 Do you mean because it's the first year of school?
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I went to one. Was shit. They didn't offer even a quarter of the subjects offered at the local highschool. Plus religion was a graded subject and church and chapel were like fu****g daily events. Ugh.

 THis was my experience too. I and my siblings went to private catholic schools, my kids go public and i think its better.
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It's a good school and an affordable single sex option which is really important to me

We chose it because having our kids grow up with a strong religious background was important to us. My husband is a catholic, and sending them to the parish school saves me having to take them to church every Sunday 😂
So really, it's a lazy option for me. And I'm all about making my life easier where possible 😂