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I feel like I'm done

I think the only reason I am still here is because of my two kids. I cannot bare the thought of leaving them behind, but I can barely bare the thought of staying. I am really starting to struggle. Some days the thoughts of dying are so intense and then I think of those little faces and I just cannot do that to them. I honestly don't know who to talk to anymore and I don't know how to navigate this anymore. I'm on meds, I've talked to psychologists, doctors.. I've called helplines and tried reaching out to some people in simular situations who have recovered.. I honestly think I'm just broken. I don't know what to do anymore and I am so scared. I don't want to burden people anymore, I cannot pretend that I'm ok anymore.. But I have no one to turn to. I just need reassurance and advice on bow to find my light..


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Keep reaching out and keep trying to get better. Stay strong mummy ❤

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Hi hun, you might wanna check the websites listed in here. We hope you find someone who listens. Hugs to you.

Okay, so the suggestion to think of 10 things you enjoy is good. But I don't think you're ready for that step yet.
First, think about 3 of your favourite memories. What were you doing in them? Where were they? Was it sunny outside? What could you smell that day? Write down what you remember smelling and physically touching that day. Like the texture not necessarily the actual thing you touched.
Write it all down.

Next, take a walk alone in nature. Just a stroll. Just you and the birds and the plants. Try to quiet your mind for this one. I know it's hard, but if you can quiet your thoughts and just be, this is a worthwhile exercise.
The thing is, when you're in the wild, you realise how small your problems are and how insignificant things are. I do at least.
I've got a few other suggestions, but for now I'll leave this here. I hope it helps.

Thankyou everyone for your replys. I'm not ok.. At all. I'm going to do some of the suggestions and I will keep you posted..

 This too shall pass. Hang in there. Perhaps a referral to a psychiatrist. If your meds are working properly then you shouldn’t be feeling the way you are. Hang in there.
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Make a list of ten things you enjoy. I'm sure someone else will have a much better answer but this gives you something to start on

 That's a great suggestion I reckon.
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Oh my, I've been feeling like this exactly... I'm so sorry. I know the feeling and you couldn't list ten things you enjoy because you don't enjoy anything anymore, right? If you'd like to chat I'd be very happy to hear from you. I can't speak to anyone around me either, and yes, I feel as though I wouldn't be here if it weren't for my children... please please please drop me a line at my email, and I can give you my number... x
[email protected]

OP Can I make an email address and then I will email you??
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I really hope you are feeling brighter since your original post. Defs see your GP, or if they are of no help / answers, seek out another.

Please, go back to your GP. My husband has been in this situation and it took a long time to get his medication right, before that things were a nightmare for him. Have you got someone to talk to on a regular basis? Can someone take your children now and then so you can find something to do, just for you, that gives you joy? Keep going, there is always light. xox

Oh wow I'm reading this like I've written it myself! I'm exactly the same! I'm only here for the kids. I'm hanging on by a thread. I feel absolutely no joy in my life and I just function day to day for the kids. I wish I had some revelation or advice to help you. The one thing that has haunted me was this common statistic that I read about. Apparently if a child's parent commits suicide then the child is more likely to commit suicide themselves later on in their life too. Makes me want to stick around even more for the kids. Hugs to you. It's nice to read these supportive comments and know we're not alone at least in these feelings. Also to me gives more meaning to the phrase "never give up".