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Help me de stress

I work 10-12 hour days. In a warehouse on my feet ALL day. There are no chairs or anything. By the time I get home I am so tired, I am stressed (hard job) and I just want to be alone. But my relationship is suffering. I have no patience anymore, no interest in sex or even just spending time with my husband. What can I do? I thought about taking 10 mins when I come home to meditate? Can anyone help me?!


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Step 1 - call hubby on the way home from work, ask him to get a bath ready (some essential oils and meditation music can be used for your bath too) and you will be bringing home take away. Ask hubby what he and the kids would like, grab them that and what you would like.
Step 2 - get naked while walking through the door and run to have a 10 minute bath while everyone is eating and being quiet.
Step 3 - get kids in bed, while you or hubby does this the other sets up a movie and chocolate
Step 4 - cuddle on the lounge with hubby and if you both get in the mood have a quick root while watching the movie.
Step 5 - repeat fortnightly.

Other options are to get a massage, have a day alone, find a cleaner once a fortnight to come take a load off.

 maybe hubby works long hours and who pampers him ?
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Sounds like you're approaching burn out. You may need to reassess your life.

Assuming you can have 10 minutes a day to yourself I think you should set a boundary and ask to be left alone for a few minutes when you get home to do what ever you like.

OP Thanks I think that's a good idea.
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No wonder you're tired and stressed! Change your job, or get one of those great massage chairs. When you get home have a warm shower, then sit in your massage chair with a glass of wine and have a little chat to your partner. Or find another job.

Are you able to negotiate your hours of work to accommodate more time for you?
You really need some time for yourself and time to spend with your husband and family too.
Can you get someone to babysit so you and hubby can go out. Enjoy each other's company and rekindle your love again.
It would be really good if you found a nice hobby just for you to do as vent and de-stress.
If you are working 10-12 hrs you are definitely entitled to a morning and afternoon tea break as well as lunch so I would use that time to have a coffee and rest or if you feel like it go for a short walk in the fresh air to just clear your head.
Maybe you could play some music or the radio at work to lighten up the atmosphere.
Most important, get yourself a good pair of shoes for work and look after your feet. Soak them and get hubby to give you a foot massage or buy a footspa and some nice peppermint foot cream is lovely and soothing on poor tired feet.
The last thing I cannot stress enough is to be kind to yourself and pace yourself. The more you do the more your boss will expect and I guarantee in most cases it will only be taken for granted and you won't get extra pay for working harder.
Good luck and I hope you start to feel better soon x

OP Yes good idea, maybe I will talk to the big boss tomorrow and say these hours are too much for me. I've just been a bit scared to to be honest but I can't keep it up I'm so exhausted by the end of the week. Thank you xx
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Buy a chair, take it to work. Look at reducing your hours, or taking regular time off. Try meditating, or even yoga. Get a massage. Spend a day at a day spa getting spoilt, which you could also take your husband to. Get a punching bag.

OP I'm constantly walking running around with work a chair won't get used. I have to stand up to work on my bench. But thanks for your suggestions xxx
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Maybe try a meditation app, or listen to relaxing music in the bath with some salts and oils x