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Can’t belive how many people aren’t hygience I thought it was standard to wash linen 4 times a week and shower 2 times a day and use same towel each time Wear fresh Jamas every night Don’t wear same clothes twice

Why aren’t some people hygienic ?
Hubby and I and our 6 kids are clean


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We all shower every night and I throw the towels in the wash after every use. Just like a fresh towel.
Wash linen every weekend.
Pjs we wear for 2-3 nights.
Clothes - depends if they get dirty/sweaty. Usually once or maybe twice.
OP seems to do a bit of excessive washing but each to their own.

 Same here, except we shower in the mornings.
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 Same here, but my children dirty their clothes every day . Me unless my newborn badges me or my kids put dirty little fingers or I drop food on my clothes I get a couple of days, husband and son who work have fresh clean clothes daily as they work in a meat works and always come home with blood etc etc on their clothes
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Love it. The post about washing comes up all the time. Thanks for the reminder as I need to hand mine out.

This is such a waste of time and resources.
I do towels twice a week.
Beds a fotnight.
Everyone must shower before bed and pjs every 2-3 nights are changed.
Get a life love.

 Me too there's so much more to life than doing the laundry lol
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I just can't imagine the water consumption, Australians can be such contradictions!