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When did you lose your virginity?

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Looking back do you think it was too young? Too old? Or the right time to do it?


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I lost my virginity at 15 to my best friends dad who seduced me since I had a silly teenage crush on him. I was also lucky not to get pregnant since he did'nt use protection.

I love these stories of women only having sex with one guy and marrying him later in life or waiting til marriage to sleep with them. They are so romantic! But... personally I couldn't marry someone if I didnt know his arts and mine were compatible and I would never have been able to go through life with only one sexual partner.

Two weeks off 18, we had been together a year and for two years afterwards, we both lost it to each other. I really did love him and really did love me too. Absolutely no regrets.
I told my Mum we were planning to have sex, her and his Mum talked about it together, Mum took me to the Doctor and got me on the pill. I hope me and my daughter have the same trusting relationship.

 Nothing wrong with approaching your mum with that stuff (especially for contraception) but it sounds like they were planning a wedding. Why do both mums need to discuss it with each other, how awkward your first time and everyone knowing exactly what you're doing
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19. I would have preferred to loose it earlier but I lived in a house where my mum was an absolute control freak that wouldn't let me go out to parties or friends houses. Lost it when I moved out of home. Now I think about it it's not that bad at 19. Who would want to loose it to smelly guys from school anyway. Lol

13 😔 My daughter is 12 and thinking back I'm gobsmacked how young I was!!

 Same! It's so scary 😢
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 13? Omg. I wasn't even shaving my legs at 13 lol.
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 Or anything else for that matter!
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17! And fully regret it. Not because of the age was just the wrong person.

It's unreal that some were only 12 - 13. Around that age you have only just finished primary school and started high school 😱

25 when I married my husband and he was 28 and a virgin
We dated for 10 years before getting married 3 years ago

I was 17. I thought I was so old. But once I lost it, I realised so many friends hadn't lost theirs yet.
I wouldn't say I was too young, but I did regret it.

I was waiting for the right person and then had my drink spiked at 18 and he was 35...after that I went a bit wild thinking, well it's not special any more - so I slept with a few randoms, thinking that they liked me. Finally came to my senses.

 I was much the same way. When I was a virgin it meant a lot to me. Even with my first sex was still special. After we broke up it took me about 3 months to sleep with the second guy and about 2 years to sleep with the 20th.
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I was 14 and while I do feel like my boyfriend pressured me (he was 16 and had slept with a few girls so told me he couldn't have a girlfriend that wouldn't have sex) I don't regret it. He was a super sweet guy. We were together for 2 years before he had to move away for work and we both decided it was best to break up.
While I do think 14 is too young and it is not what I want for my daughters, I have no regrets. The next person I slept with is my husband and we have been together 14 years now 😀

14/15 no regrets. He was great, and it felt wonderful.

 Your first time felt wonderful? Mine was so painful, took a few years before that felt wonderful actually
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 I didn't have a hymen to break, and we had been fooling around before he put it in so I was ready. It was just great. He was so sweet and gentle.
It shocks me that so many people say their first time was bad (unless if it wasn't consensual, then of course it would be bad). Like, did you just decide to go from "oh a little kiss on the lips" to "let's have sex and see how it feels"? Was there no warming up?

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 No, lots of warming up i was just way too small. It was even painful for him and he found it hard to come. There was alot of blood because i had a perineum tear. I tore my hymen before this riding my bike so the pain and blood was not from that.
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 That sucks. I'm sorry your first time was so bad 🙁
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14- too young. My boyfriend was 2 years older than me and had been having sex for a year or more before we started going out so just expected me to be at his level too. I regret not speaking up for myself now. We were together for 18 months and I fell pregnant during this time, abortion one week before my 15th birthday. I was way too young to realise the consequences and responsibilities that come with having sex.

 This makes me sad. I hope you are ok xo
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16 after knowing the bloke for a week (followed by three years of toxicity with him being th other girl)
In the bushes yep I was one classy teenager lol.
Too early? No I don't think so. Wrong person definitely but in the end if I hadn't met that bloke than I wouldn't have what I have today.