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Has anyone cheated just once, regretted it, never done it again but never told their spouse?


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Yes I have
It might seem like a cop out but I would rather live with that guilt all of my life than have him live with the hurt

 I second this.
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 I agree. I haven't done this, but have advised a few friends in this position to just shut up. The need to tell is usually more about making yourself feel better and less to do with "trust and honesty". If you GENUINELY realise your mistake, vent to a minister or counsellor (girl friends can accidentally blab if drunk or in a bad mood) , rack it up to experience and then BE QUIET ABOUT IT. Move on but don't forget the lesson.
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 Same here :(
Cheated once before we had kids. Never again.

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No. I've been cheated on and it almost destroyed me. Im still recovering mentally and emotionally after finding out almost 18 months ago. Ive had the opportunity to cheat but i didn't it's just not who i am and it would have been a one night thing that probably would have destroyed both our families. Just not worth it. If you arent happy in your relationship fix it. If you can't or have tried, leave. There is NO reason to cheat. Its gutless and selfish. If you do cheat, own up to it and deal with the consequences. It's not about releiving your guilt its about your partner having all the info about their relationship with you and not thinking you sre someine you're not. You cant have your cake and eat it too then hide behind the "i don't want to hurt them, it would only be releiving me of my own guilt" crap. You messed up, they have a right to know and decide if they want to stay or not. You took the gamble as soon as you crossed that line with someone else.

 Absolutely, I've only got one life I don't want to waste it living a lie because someone is 'protecting' me.
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I've cheated on mine. We even have kids together. I feel ashamed and I know how much he's hurt by it. I know I will never do it again. I just felt a little unhappy in the position I was in and a bit lonely without any friends and with him working all the time... but I also know how much I love him and the thought of him being gone from my life is too much for me. If it weren't for my kids, especially my youngest momma's boy, I would have ended myself. I want him to be able to know he can trust me again and I'm working on it. He wants to take a break for I don't know how long and now I'm going to have to get a job to be able to support myself and my baby boy. I just really hope things can go back because life before cheating was definitely better than it is now :(

Yes. And then I did it again. And again. I'm so ashamed but it's making me realise I need to leave this marriage as I'm clearly not getting what I need and he deserves better. Very scary thought.

I've never cheated, I would feel wayyy too guilty to put my husband through the pain he put me through when I found out he'd been cheating on me.
Honestly I would've preferred to have never discovered the shit on his phone and I'd still be living in my magical fantasy world I was in a few months ago.
I know that my husband was extremely upset, guilty and pained seeing me and still seeing me go through the motions of his actions. He now suffers from extreme depression and has told me that if it wasn't for our children and his love for me, that he would kill himself for what he's done to me.
If you truly love your husband, tell him that you're unhappy. Or if you do cheat, just be safe and don't let your husband find out.
My husband works away and I completely understand the situation and why he done it. It's a bit of a cop out excuse, but I believe that he's not going to do it again. And if he does, it's not my worst fear anymore.

 He'd kill himself over the pain he caused you, and allow you to go through even worse pain?
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 Mmm saying he would kill himself sounds like more of a cop out to me
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Yep, he was more interested in wanking his dick than to f**k me. 3 months i waited.
i actually dont feel guilty. F**k him.
if you cant bring the dick then f**k off. Im not playing second to no video. Letalone being insulted when i brought it up.
lifes too short. Dump him and go live it

I'm considering cheating. i'm not satisfied at this point of our marriage. I'm interested to hear if others have regretted it.

 Leave then.
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