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I am married and we are TTC I only have one friend who lives in another state and I don’t have any family. I am looking for 30th birthday ideas for end of the year


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Don't see how TTC is relevant. Like others have said. Night in the city with a massage and dinner out.

 I am just saying we don’t have kids still ttc so it not even like I have got any kids to celebrate with

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When you have kids your life changes a lot
Go out for your birthday and get drunk and have a good time

What do you enjoy doing? Would you like to spend the day out exploring galleries or museums and then have a lovely lunch somewhere? Would you like to dress up and go out for a special dinner? Weekend away in the country? Beach getaway? Couples pamper day?

I understand not wanting to go out for your birthday because of unhappy memories, I am the same. For my last milestone my husband and kids took me out the day before my birthday as that way it could be a celebration but not on the day that gives me so much pain.
Maybe something like doing something on a weekend around your birthday would help or be better.
Recently I got the advise to take back my birthday as a way to step forward and create new happy memories so I am hoping to do that, I hope you can do this as well. Everyone deserves to be happy on their birthday :)

 Thanks for your opinion it is no different When it comes to Christmas happy to give gifts etc but for me I find it best to just skip those days completely hence me requesting no presents etc even if I have given you one. I am not sure taking back my birthday would help but glad it has helped you
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Dinner out. Anything that you want to try before baby? Pamper day. Holiday to see your friend.

 Honestly I am a pretty simple kinda women, seeing my friend would be nice but may not be possible due to state border closures and my husband is a bit funny about us meeting considering he has never met here and we have only ever talked online
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 Sounds like a lot of excuses which shows deep down you just dont care. Why not tell him its ur day and and do what you want to do
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 He wants us to celebrate but I am more then happy not to do anything
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What about dinner movie and staying in the city somewhere nice?

Couples massage
Lunch cruise (if in Sydney look up captain cook cruises)
Wind down in the evening with movie and cake and some sexy time

If u have noone just go out with ur partner.

 Thanks we don’t really do the whole going out thing especially for my birthday as I don’t generally celerbrate my birthday but he has specifically asked that we do so looking for ideas
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 If you don't normally do it, then going out would be special 🤷‍♀️ Unless you guys don't actually enjoy it.
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 The hard thing for me is I don’t like celerbrating my birthday as I don’t have any happy memories from them so I don’t see the point. I know my husband wants us to do something, just looking for ideas
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