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What does a typical weekend in your family look like and how much would you spend $$ wise doing those things over the weekend, the $$ doesn't include groceries


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We do family things almost every weekend and alternate between low cost or free things like BBQ at the beach, community fair for kids or 4wding to the river to kayak (under $50)

and medium cost things like the aquarium, an amusement park or camping which ends up costing a bit even though it doesn't sound like it would (under $100).

This weekend we took quad bikes to the beach, it cost about $40 in fuel and we had a picnic lunch.

Every now an then we will plan and do higher cost things like weekends away to theme parks or shows or city shopping trips & then we also take 2 x domestic holidays and 2 x international holidays in a year if we can get good deals.

 Do you hire the quad bikes?
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 4 holidays including 2 overseas one per year! Wow, that sounds great. Do you mind if I ask how much you budget for holidays pet year?
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 I'm going to make an assumption and say we're on a lower income than you, but we also still do the family holidays, but usually one that's in a chalet for a week somewhere a few hours from us and then 2 or 3 camping trips away to a nice caravan park with lots of national parks to explore around wherever we go.
Weekends in winter we don't do much. But in summer it's a beach day BBQ and fishing, or overnight camping, or used to be bush walking/"hiking" but I'm pregnant now and it's too hard for me to walk up hills 😂. Money spent is on food and fuel, and if we're broke that week, packed lunches.

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 National park passes are great to save money if you visit them regularly too! Local ones are about $25 (considering once off entry is $13/14 to some parks). National ones about 100$ a year
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At the moment we only do cheap/free things. Plays at the park, walks, visit family, fish and chips down the beach, bowling, beach for a play in the sand, pools for a swim etc.

Sometimes we will do an expensive thing - like go to the movies, out for lunch, shopping, visit the playplace etc. But those things usually end up with our youngest having a meltdown because he won’t sit still or listen since he is only just 2. We save those things for if we only take our eldest or if he’s in a really good mood.

We are a family of 4. Chelas things usually $20-$30. Expensive things easily $100-$150 depending on if we have vouchers, or memberships to the place.

We allow $150 a fortnight for fun stuff outside of the budget. Sometimes we decide to stay in and save that money for something special or we go out for lunch or to the movies.

 If you get takeaway for dinner during the week does it come out of that or a different part of the budget
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 We don't generally do takeaway during the week but if we did it would come out of that or the food budget if there is excess
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We used to do heaps on weekends but now hubby works opposite days to me so he's at work on weekends now 😔
We try to choose lots of picnicy,bbqs, camping, fishing. And try not to spend up too much

Our weekends are pretty busy and we try to do a mix of activities that vary in cost. We do a lot of picnics or bbqs. Free or low cost activities that we do include going to the zoo (Our zoo is free), going to the Art Gallery, go to the beach, the pool, park, go to the dam/ creek to kayak, fishing, bushwalking, movie night, bike riding, go to the skate park, activities at our local library, go to the water park, we play board games and darts at home too.

We try to go to a lot of our local events like Eat st markets, music festivals, food festivals, River Festivals etc and these activities can be quite pricy..usually upwards of $100. Some other more costly activities that we do are play putt putt golf, go bowling, go to the movies, play laser tag, go to the golf driving range, go shopping, go out for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner, go to the rodeo, go to funzone, go watch sporting events, musicals/ plays or shows at the theatre.

Five of us on one income which really limits us. But if we go out it always costs over $100

I aim for one day in and one day out generally speaking, the ‘day in’ might still include a walk to the park or the dog park or something like that which is free, we use the day in to veg, cook, clean and just kinda unwind. For the day out it could be anything from visiting family, which would include beach visits and playground visits or other free-ish activitys, i usually spend about $50 for food etc wether we do a pic nic or buy something out, i live in the city so there is pretty much something always on for free or low cost. We do the beach a lot too..: Generally speaking a day out costs us $50-$100 .... Although i would say at least half of our weekends are pretty much free for us.

There's only 3 of us. My dd plays sport so we don't go out a whole lot on weekends but when we do probably $100-150. Of course it depends on what we do and sometimes it's a lot more than that :)