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Have you forgot someone’s birthday or someone forgot your birthday?

Have you send a birthday message and no response?


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I decided to stop wishing people happy birthday unless they had wished it to me that year or the one before. Whilst it seems petty, it opened my eyes to who is still relevant to my life and who is just a memory.
Handy trick really.

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I remember everyone's birthday since I find it easy to remember dates. Noone thinks to remember mine. I dont have facebook so there's no help to remind them. It sucks

 This is meee too!!
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I turned off my birthday notification on fb to see who would remember my birthday without prompting. No one remembered.

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 I did the same and just had my birthday a week ago with no happy birthdays given 😔
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 This is how I started off. By turning off the notification on Facebook. It hurts at first, but it's also incredibly liberating once you get past the initial hurt. Now, on my birthday, I can do the school run, go out shopping, do whatever I want to do without the awkward happy birthdays from acquaintances. And I know how good of a friend someone is when they actually stop to wish me a happy birthday. It's not kept a secret but I don't go out of my way to tell people now.
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Yes, but the only people I really expect to remember my birthday are my parents and husband. I take everyone else as a bonus if they say happy birthday, so it doesn't bother me.

My teenage sons birthday was this week. Everyone forgot...again. He has a cousins birthday on the same day. My family remembers his birthday but not my sons. I buy all my nieces and nephews gifts for their birthdays. I never forget. My son has never received a gift because he is always forgotten. My mum even yelled at me for not telling her it was his birthday...and still didn’t wish him happy birthday.

 Maybe mum is becoming forgetful
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 My mum has been “ forgetful” since I was a little kid.
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People forget mine all the time, family even don't remember until the afternoon and by then the day is over so no point in doing anything. OH well one day Ill be important prob on my funeral lol